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Top 5 Lessons for Printed Products and Self Publishing in 2022

by Vervante •

If you’re feeling a bit apprehensive about what this new year will bring, you’re not alone. The good news is that we’re always thinking about ways to help, and we figured what better what to start strong for the New Year that to share the best of what we've been talking about here at Vervante headquarters!

Our team works in-depth and personally with each and every one of our customers. We’ve kept a close eye on what’s working for products and publishing right now so we can provide you with the best ideas and resources to help make this the best yet. That’s how we came up with:

Our Top 5 Lessons for Thriving in 2022

Lesson #1: Your Author Platform is Very Important
Once you write a book or create a product - you need to make sure that people know it's there! Every author  needs an author platform. Especially self-published authors. Social media is great, but when it comes down to it, you need to create and nurture an audience of interested and excited fans that will support your growth (and your bottom line). An author website that you control is a great place to start. Create and maintain a database of contact information as well, so you can send them newsletters or updates for new products, events or promotions. Add an active social media account and an Amazon Author Page and you've got all the makings for a vibrant author platform. A few resources to help:

Lesson #2: Don’t Stop with Just One Idea
If you’re launching a book, planner or other new product for 2022, don't stop with just that one idea, turn it into a collection! Customers who love your products will be excited when they see you have additional items available that complement or make it even better. For ideas about how to do this, check out our article about how to turn a planner into a whole collection. You can use these ideas for anything - books, journals, business training products, etc.

Lesson #3: Take Your Products for a Test Run
Looking at a product on your computer screen is a whole lot different than holding it in your hands in real life. We offer samples and resources to help you make absolutely sure that your product fits your vision before you send it out into the world.

Lesson #4: The Technical Stuff Matters
When it comes to designing and creating a book or product, it's important to pay attention to design details for a successful printing experience. For example, you can have a gorgeous cover design for your book, but if when you look inside the words are cut off in the margin, or holes are punched in the wrong places, it can ruin the whole experience. Details like margin width and print file formatting are very important, as you can see. Whether you are doing the design yourself, or you use a graphic design professional, attention to these technical details is crucial. Here are a few resources to help:

Lesson #5: Start Planning Now
As our CEO, Cindy Tyler, stated in last week's newsletter, it's very important to start planning now to ensure a successful experience down the road. If you want to create a 2023 planner, start now. If you want to write a book, develop a new product, etc., start now. Even if you're thinking of a holiday launch and it seems soooo far away, it really isn't. Set your goals, strategize your timeline, and don't put it off.

We’re cheering you on for a successful and satisfying 2022!