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How to promote expensive products

by Vervante •

So many times we talk about how important value is for us and for you. The value of the products we produce, the value of the service we provide, and the value all of that brings to your experience and... Continue reading →

How to send supplied items to Vervante

by Vervante •

Many of our customers like to include additional items in the packages we send out to their customers. For example: adding stickers, bookmarks and colored pens with a daily planner. Or crystals and pretty bags with tarot card decks. These... Continue reading →

Black Friday sales, shipping and deadline guide

by Vervante •

Whoa, if you haven't noticed yet, Black Friday is practically here! Our inboxes are already flooding with early coupons and special deals, even though it's a full month until the actual day. If you're planning on offering any holiday specials,... Continue reading →