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Best of our Blog 2022

by Vervante •

If you’re like us, as the New Year approaches it’s very exciting to think about new projects and new possibilities. But it's also fun to take a look back to celebrate the past as we strive to make our future even better.

As we move forward, we thought it would be fun to invite you to look back with us at some of the best of what we put out this year - new products, enhanced services, and ideas that can help you share your talents in a bigger way. So here's our Best of 2022, wrapped up with a sparkly bow!
#1 Trend-setting and Goal-getting
Our team kept working hard this past year to find ways to guide and inspire you with trend-setting ideas and exciting ways to build your businesses and go for your dreams. Here are a few of the best articles we shared in newsletters and on the blog to help you become the goal-getter you know you can be. 

#2 How to stand out from the crowd
Another direction we took this last year was to share ideas to help you stand out from the crowd, to get your products the attention they deserve, and to create loyal, excited fans. A few of these ideas included customizing for VIP experiences and creating packaging and products that "wow."

#3 In-depth industry knowledge
Knowledge is power, they say, so our writers worked hard to give you lots of how-tos, guides, and articles to give you insider knowledge of how this industry works and how to best create, share, and sell your creative ideas and products through us.

#4 Author / Entrepreneur Empowerment
Writing isn't always easy, but no matter what kind of product you create it's a given that some sort of content will be needed. Sharing ideas for writing, productivity, and even ways to overcome stress was another goal this past year that we hit on the mark. We even took time to gather up tips from other writing pros to help you write content that captivates.

That's it! Our best of 2022! Now, moving on, here’s to starting 2023 in a memorable and exciting way!

Details about Vervante Warehouse

by Vervante •

As the new year approaches we've been working hard to make sure we're ready to support you and all the new things you're planning for. Part of that has been updating our warehouse facilities and all the ways it can benefit your own business.

This past year we added an additional 15,000 feet to our warehouse facility located right next door to our headquarters in Utah. As part of the expansion, we have installed additional printing and bindery equipment, as well as lots of pallet racks to store printed products and various supplied items. This expanded space (a total of 28,000 sq feet!) and new equipment means we have also increased our ability to provide you with even more printing and binding services in addition to storage space.

What can warehousing do for your business?

  • Product Storage: Take advantage of bulk printing discounts. Print a large amount of your products at a discounted price, then store them in our warehouse until you need them.
  • Supplied Items: We can store supplied items for you that can then be included in future shipments. Things like supplements, clothing, crystals, etc.
  • Subscription / VIP Boxes: We can store products we create for you, supplied items, and products from collaborators, and then assemble and ship for you as part of any VIP, subscription, or special orders.
  • Easy Inventory Management: We provide an online portal where you can easily view and manage your inventory online.

For more details about how our warehousing works, also see these articles:

How to give your products the Etsy treatment

by Vervante •

Have you ever ordered something and when you open the box what you find is so much more than expected? Just picture it: Colorful tissue paper bundled around the product and with fun extras tucked around the edges like stickers, cards, bookmarks, magnets and more!

This is something we like to call the "Etsy" experience. It's that extra touch that makes buying from independent sellers so unique, and it's what turns customers into loyal fans that come back again and again.

No matter whether you sell on Etsy, Amazon, or through your own website or the Vervante Bookstore, we can help you create a memorable experience for your customers where everything seems homemade and shipped to them with personal attention, care and creativity.

Let's say that someone orders a book, planner, or journal from you. Starting with that, you add special packaging that fits your brand, like a custom-printed box or color-coordinated tissue paper wrapping. Next, tuck in a few extra products that complement the main item, like bookmarks, stickers, writing pens, notepads, or unique cards. Top it all off with ribbon ties and a hand-written note for a fun, hand-crafted “Etsy” type experience. Who knows? You might even end up seeing your product as the star in a social media “unboxing” episode!

Here at Vervante, we can help you add extras to your packages as we ship each order. Here are some ideas of what we've seen our customers include: 

  • Mini blank journals
  • Bookmarks or postcards
  • Logo decals
  • Branded calendars, notecards or notepads
  • Fliers sharing new products, classes or events
  • Hats, t-shirts, exercise bands, etc.
  • Recipe cards
  • Certificates
  • Crystals in colored bags

The "extras" you decide to include in your shipments can be items created and published by Vervante such as bookmarks, postcards, audio CDs, etc. Or they can be supplied products, such as decals, t-shirts, hats, etc, that you send to us and we store in our warehouse until you need them. 

If you have any questions about how you can create a unique custom experience for your shipments, please reach out to our team. We can't wait to see what fun extras you decide to your customers will love!