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2020 Planners to use, sell or customize

by Vervante •

They're here! Our new 2020 Planners that you can sell as they are, or customize to fit your branding, are ready to go!

Planners are a hot-ticket item pretty much all year long. Everyone loves planners, they make great gifts, sell out during holiday promotions, and are perfect for boosting business growth.

  • If you want a ready-to-go planner for 2020 to share or sell from your shopping cart – we’ve got it.
  • If you want a custom-designed planner for 2020 that fits exactly what you need – we can do that too!

Our new 2020 "My Best Life" planner has been designed for universal appeal. It can have hard or soft covers, is 7" x 9" in size, and spiral bound for easy use. Inside is a mix of full-color and black-and-white pages that include stickers, monthly and daily planning pages, adult coloring pages, tracking lists, space to journal, and more. Plus it's printed right here in the USA. 

You can see page-by-page details of what these planners contain as-is by clicking on this link: Vervante 2020 Planner

Think of this planner as a baseline for your own planner, but feel free to get creative and make all of the changes you would like. Here's a few ideas to get you started: 

  • Use one of our cover options - or replace it with one of your own
  • Change the color scheme to match your branding
  • Add your logo and/or message to the back cover
  • Choose hard cover* or soft cover
  • Change colors for the binding: Spiral binding for soft cover planners can be in black or white. Wire-O binding for hard covers can be printed in a variety of colors (black, white, blue, red, green, gold, silver and bronze)

*Minimum order of 25 for customized hard-cover planners

There's no limit to how many changes you can make!

If you’ve got a vision that involves lots of customization – we can make it happen! There is no limit to how many changes you can make, such as:

  • Inside pages: Add address/contact info pages, exercise and nutrition-trackers, recipe and shopping lists, journal pages, budgeting guides, writing prompts, weekly mantras, accountability check-ins, and more.
  • Stickers: You can use our stickers, revise them to fit your own brand, or opt for no stickers at all
  • Change the size
  • Use elastic closures to keep inserts secure
  • Add foil embossing for extra flair
  • Print without dates for flexible anytime use
  • Add tabs for easy access to special sections
  • Include pockets for extra organizing power


Order sample planners directly from the Vervante Bookstore using this link: My Best Life 2020 Planner


Send an email to and let us know what ideas you have for customization. We can either send you the InDesign files to make changes directly or our graphic design team can make changes for you ($75/hour graphic design rate).

Questions? Email our planner pros or schedule a phone call by clicking HERE.

Get a head start for holiday sales

by Vervante •

While you're probaby still enjoying time on the beach, or just starting to think about shopping for school supplies, there's something that might not be on your radar right now, but should be - planning for holiday product sales! 

Honestly, the BEST time to start planning for holiday sales is RIGHT NOW. You've got plenty of time to envision, create and plan your marketing and sales campaigns, and this little head start will help you create a stress-free, successful experience.

Ready? If you haven’t started planning yet but want to give your income and your business an end-of-the-year boost, now is the time for action.

First, let’s talk products. Here’s a few crowd-pleasing ones perfect for holiday sales:

  • Planners: Wow, planners are the superstars of self-publishing right now and we've got everything you need to create the perfect planner for your audience.
  • Journals: Timeless treasures perfect for just about anyone.
  • Books: Small books that can be sold or used for free-plus-shipping offers are very popular during the holidays.
  • Calendars: Calendars are also a great option for client and customer appreciation gifts and to use as lead generation freebies.
  • Adult coloring books: Create your own using holiday themes, New Year themes, or branded content that supports your products and programs.
  • Cards of all kinds: These are great sellers, make great gifts, and can be easily customized and configured to fit your business and audience needs. Card decks, note cards, and postcards are popular, or get creative and try tarot cards, affirmation cards, or health and wellness program cards.

Planning a Holiday Sales Timeline

Once you’ve picked your products, it’s time for action:


  • Decide on products to sell. Make a list of ideas for how you will make them unique and start writing or designing. Contact Vervante at and request free quotes for printing, shipping timelines, etc.
  • If you’re just adding your logo to one of our ready-made products, upload a print-ready file to your Vervante account, then order a sample copy.
  • For customized products, finalize graphic design files and upload to Vervante account. Order sample copies for quality and proofreading checks. Have Vervante list your books and products for sale. We can list on Amazon and add it to the Vervante Bookstore online (free for Vervante authors). If you sell from your own website, start working on your landing and sales pages, set up shopping cart, plan marketing strategies.


  • Put marketing plans into action. Announce special promotions, early bird sales and specials. Promote, promote, promote!
  • Procrastinate much? For last-minute ideas in time for Black Friday, our ready-made planners, card decks, books, journals and calendars are easy and quick to set up and sell.


  • Confirm Vervante holiday shipping deadlines.
  • Attend book signings. Continue promotions, especially for New Year / 2020 products.
  • Announce surprise last-minute deals.


  • Continue to promote New Year products.
  • If 2020 planners were a hit, think about removing dates from planner and sell "undated" versions that can be sold all year long.
  • Look back at your holiday sales experience, making notes about what worked (and what didn’t) to help with next year’s plans.

Questions? Let us help you make the most of your holiday sales by emailing us at or scheduling a phone call at

How to price my book or product

by Vervante •

Once you’re written a book, or created a new product, the next part is something a lot of people really struggle with – setting a price. It’s like a scary math problem where the answer isn’t always clear. Price it too high and no one will buy. Price it too low and you devalue your work and your profits. Finding the right price doesn’t have to feel like a guessing game, though, especially if you follow these tips.

#1: Research similar books or products in your niche and take note of their prices. That will give you an idea of what’s working and a price range to start with. This doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to that range, but it’s a good starting point. 

#2: Calculate your costs including printing, production, and fulfillment to get a break-even baseline. Add in extras that retail sites will charge you. If you sell from your own site, those costs will be minimal. Selling from online stores such as Amazon, however, will incur higher costs to deduct from your bottom line. If you have a certain profit margin you’d like to attain, this number will help you to set your retail price.

#3: Consider the value your book, planner or product is offering to your customer. Will they save time, money, stress? If you are delivering a lot of value to their business or life, that raises the value of your product and the price you can charge.

#4: Decide on a price that feels right to you. If you think you’re charging too little, then you’ll feel resentful and that will come through. If you think you’re charging too much, you might feel nervous, unsure or scared to put it out there.

#5: Poll your beta testers. Ask them to suggest a price range. Or run your price idea by them for their feedback. These are people who have read your book or used your program, so they have personal knowledge of the value of what you’re selling.

#6: If you’re selling from your own website, the price you set isn’t permanent. Pricing can be nerve-racking, we know, but you can always adjust. You might start out with an introductory price to test the waters and then adjust it to fit demand. Coupon codes, special packaged deals, and other similar methods can be used until you’ve got it just right.

#7: Add value to support your price: Make the price you set a no-brainer by adding so much value that your customer is excited to buy! Create packages out of your book or product to make it unique and different than anything else - and add value with extra products that add value to it.

For example, if you have a children's book, include stickers, coloring pages, crayons or colored pencils. For planners you could include extras like pens, clips, bookmarks, notepads, stickers, or even experiences like an introductory coaching session or limited-time membership in a mastermind or online program.

Adding a little something extra like this will elevate your book or product's value in your customer's eyes. Yes, there might be similar products with lower prices (that are most likely bulk-produced in China), but you have the ability with self-publishing services to create something unique, elevate your customer's experience, and make yours the choice they want.