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2020 Year in Review

by Vervante •

As we approach the end of 2020, there's a lot we could say, but here's what is most important ... we made it! We stuck it out together. And we're so grateful to be here with you as we look toward a New Year, new possibilities, and a future that we can make brighter together.

Even though most of us are pretty happy to see 2020 in the rear view mirror, there were some good things. And since a lot of you might have been a bit distracted for a few months, we thought it would be fun to round up some of the best of what we put out this year - new products, enhanced services, ideas that can help you share your talents in a bigger way. So here's our Best of 2020, wrapped up with a sparkly bow!

#1 Pandemic Pivots
The world changed quickly this year, and we all did our best to roll with the punches and change with it. Working from home brought new challenges and new opportunities, and we did our best to support you throughout.

#2 Planners Galore
Planning for the future is always fun, but there was just something about this year that make it feel absolutely essential. Daily planners exploded as one of the hottest products to make, and we make sure to give you everything you need to create planners (and journals!) that help your customers find the success they deserve.

#3 Author / Entrepreneur Empowerment
Our bottom line is to help you succeed, so we are always looking for new ways to educate and empower our customers with guides, how-to's, and everything you need to take action, turn your ideas into products, and make the process and easy and lucrative for you as possible. 

#4 In the Know
Knowledge is power and we did our best to share the latest and best to keep you in the know. From postal policies to new product to how-to guides, our team at Vervante headquarters makes sure you stayed informed.

Here’s to starting 2021 in a memorable and exciting way! We'd love to know what your thoughts and wishes are for the New Year, so please feel free to email us with your ideas for products or services we can add to continue to serve you best.

How to turn a planner into a collection

by Vervante •

If you’re launching a daily planner for 2021 and like the idea of adding something more to make it stand out, how about turning it into a collection? Customers who love your planners will be excited when they see you have additional products available that add to the value of your planner. And you’ll love how easy it is to support the success of your planner while also adding to your revenue.

Established planner companies like Erin Condren, Inkwell Press, and Dayspring know that people who love daily planners love to get extras to make them even more fun and valuable. You can do the same by creating and offering products such as:

  • Stickers
  • Booklets
  • Journals of all sizes
  • Bookmarks
  • Note cards / stationery
  • Recipe cards
  • Printed newsletters or magazines
  • Seasonal extras
  • Desktop or tear-off calendars
  • Adult coloring book
  • Jars filled with small printed notes/note cards
  • card deck / tarot cards

Planners are very popular these days, but collections are what can give them some serious pizzazz! We are here to help you turn your planner into a complete collection with products and services you need. For more ideas, be sure to check out the Vervante Video Vault for videos that show ideas for products that can easily be bundled with daily planners. And for questions or to get started, email or schedule a call with our CEO, Cindy, by clicking on this link.

2021 Calendars Are Ready

by Vervante •

The New Year is approaching, and some of the hottest products right now are calendars. If you’ve thought about adding calendars to the products you share or sell, now is a great time. Calendars are great for New Year gifts or retail sales products. It’s easy to design your own, or you can use ours and customize them by adding your logo or unique content.

We offer a variety of styles, including:

  • TEAR-OFF CALENDAR: One of our newest options, this one is really fun and easy to create. Tear-off calendars contain daily messages printed in full color on a tear-off pad. Perfect for display on a desk or countertop, these make great gifts and also retail sales items. Available as a sample or product you can customize to use as your own. See our full video highlighting the tear-off calendar on the Vervante Video Vault page.
  • WALL CALENDAR: Saddle stitch or spiral-bound, these classic calendars can also come with Wire-o binding and hook for hanging. Use your own images, create your own message or content, and you’ve got something everyone loves to use all year long.
  • DESKTOP CALENDAR (Pictured above): Full color, 2-sided calendar that comes with its own stand.
  • POCKET CALENDAR: A small calendar that’s great for on-the-go, printed 2-sided with saddle-stitch binding for easy use.

To learn more about creating calendars, customizing, and adding any other type of product for this holiday season, contact our publishing experts at and we'll help you get everything ready.