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How to Turn Daily Planners Into Collections

by Vervante •

You've got a daily planner you love - and your customers love it too. What's next? Give them even more! Creating products that complement and boost the value of your daily planner is something that will drive your fans wild... Continue reading →

Gold wire-o and metal spiral binding

by Vervante •

We've got the gold! We're so excited - the ship we've been waiting for finally came in! Several months ago we purchased shiny bright gold wire-o and metal spiral binding from a manufacturer in China. The ports have been backed... Continue reading →

How to set a price for your planner

by Vervante •

You’ve created the perfect planner, now the big question is how much to charge for it? It’s like a scary math problem where the answer isn’t always clear. Price it too high and no one will buy. Price it too... Continue reading →