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How to set up shipping for the holidays

by Vervante •

If you’re planning on a holiday launch, or would just like your product to arrive by the end of December, one important aspect is shipping. Delivery speed, cost, and customer satisfaction are all affected by the way your products are... Continue reading →

Adding custom postcards to packages

by Vervante •

In a recent article we talked about a wide variety of items you can add to a package to enhance your customers’ experience. Today, we would like to focus on just one of those – Postcards. Creative postcards added to... Continue reading →

Free resources for self published authors

by Vervante •

How is your latest project going? If you're writing a book, or creating a new product like a card deck, daily planner, or journal, sometimes a little help getting started is what you need. Or maybe you're in the middle,... Continue reading →