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Author Bios that help you reach more readers

by Vervante •

If you have books or products listed in the Vervante Bookstore, you can now create an author bio page and add a photo. This feature can help you reach more readers by sharing the most up-to-date information about yourself and... Continue reading →

Why Amazon isn't best for selling books

by Vervante •

As you prepare for holiday product launches and sales (yes, it's that time already!), one thing to consider is where you're selling your products online. While Amazon is often the first place many people think of, that doesn't mean it's... Continue reading →

Writings Tips from the Pros

by Vervante •

Writing Productivity Tips from the Pros Sometimes when you’re writing, the ideas and words flow. Other times, not so much. We know how frustrating that can be, so we gathered up some of the best strategies for writing others have... Continue reading →