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Writings Tips from the Pros

by Vervante •

Writing Productivity Tips from the Pros

Sometimes when you’re writing, the ideas and words flow. Other times, not so much. We know how frustrating that can be, so we gathered up some of the best strategies for writing others have shared for getting your ideas out of your head and into your product.

TIP #1: Write first, edit later
We read this in a blog from productivity expert Laura Vanderkam titled Write Fast, Edit Slow and loved it! “When you write fast, you just get it down. You let the momentum of seeing words add up push you forward," she said. "Turn off the inner critic because you’re not trying to create a perfect manuscript, if such a thing is even possible (it isn’t). ... Done is better than perfect because there is no perfect without being done. I truly believe it is easier to turn something into something better than to turn nothing into something”.

TIP #2: Know what works best for you
Everyone creates differently. If you're someone who thrives on routine, make writing a habit. If you like to wait until you're "in the zone,", then you might want to try batching. Here are tips for both writing styles:

  1. MAKE WRITING A HABIT: What works for many people is setting aside regular time for writing and making it a habit. Set aside specific time blocks for writing. If you feel overwhelmed, start small. Write for 30 minutes a day at the time you feel most productive or creative. You'll be amazed what you've accomplished after just a few weeks of doing this.
  2. LEARN HOW TO BATCH: We loved this tidbit writing expert Melissa Cassera shares about getting in the mood to write. She said: "Some people love writing “a little bit every day.” I do not. I like to schedule a handful of big writing days per month (called “batch days.”) When the next scheduled day rolls around, I write a ton of material in one, long, mostly-uninterrupted burst. It’s like baking a whole bunch of word-cookies all at once."

TIP #3: Get rid of interruptions
If you find your writing going nowhere due to distractions from family, friends or surroundings, take control! Silence your phone, turn off your email, send the kids to grandma's or a playdate for a few hours. If working from home is too distracting, head to your favorite coffee shop and sip on a delicious drink while letting the words flow.

TIP #4: Take a break
You can't type on that keyboard forever, and your brain deserves to rest and recharge once in awhile. So be sure to take regular breaks, this will give your mind a chance to hit the refresh button and loosen up all those brilliant thoughts that can get stuck in the bottleneck of intense focus.