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Faux Leather Softcovers

by Vervante •

We've got Faux Leather Softcovers! Yes, you're hearing it here first: We just posted another new video to the Vervante Video Vault introducing you our Faux Leather Softcovers. Planners can be customized in so many ways, including the addition of... Continue reading →

Copyright registration FAQs

by Vervante •

You did it! You’ve successfully written and published that book you’ve always dreamed of. Now comes the next big issue, how to be sure that your work is protected by copyright. Here at Vervante we provide copyright services, or you... Continue reading →

Canva Tips and Tricks for Printed Products

by Vervante •

If you use the online design program Canva to create your products, you’re not alone. Many of our customers use Canva with great results for creating planners, journals, card decks, calendars and more. If you have your Canva designs ready... Continue reading →