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How to set a price for your planner

by Vervante •

You’ve created the perfect planner, now the big question is how much to charge for it? It’s like a scary math problem where the answer isn’t always clear. Price it too high and no one will buy. Price it too... Continue reading →

How you can benefit from Amazon Prime Day

by Vervante •

Mark your calendars and get ready, Amazon Prime Days (October 13-14, 2020) are just around the corner! This is a great opportunity for everyone – whether you sell on Amazon, on your own website, or anywhere else. If you haven’t... Continue reading →

How to set up a pre-sale offer

by Vervante •

Want to know the best time to promote your new product? Before it's officially available! Preselling is a powerful marketing strategy that everyone can benefit from. The presale period is so important, in fact, it should be the centerpiece of... Continue reading →