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Dynamic Disc-Punched Planners

by Vervante •

Customers love disc-punched planners for several reasons: Flexibility: Disc-punched planners offer a high degree of flexibility compared to traditional bound planners. The pages of a disc-punched planner can be easily added, removed, or rearranged, allowing customers to customize their planner... Continue reading →

How to promote expensive products

by Vervante •

So many times we talk about how important value is for us and for you. The value of the products we produce, the value of the service we provide, and the value all of that brings to your experience and... Continue reading →

How to convert a planner into disc bound

by Vervante •

Many of our current customers wanted to know: Can I convert my current product into a disc-bound one? We're pleased to let you know that YES, you can!    It's actually very easy to convert existing products that are currently... Continue reading →