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The Right Way to Copyright a Book

by Vervante •

Copyrights are a wonderful thing. You write a book, or you create a product like a CD, DVD, journal or planner, and you’ve put a lot of time, energy and your own personal knowledge and experience into it. It makes... Continue reading →

Full service book publishing solutions

by Vervante •

When it comes to books, we love 'em! From that first burst of inspiration all the way through to sales and distribution of the final product, we take joy in helping our clients every step of the way. In fact,... Continue reading →

How to Copyright Your Book

by Vervante •

Today's subject is something that we wish we didn't need to discuss. But the sad truth is that even though the U.S. Copyright Office has issued more than 33.6 million copyrights to date, the U.S. economy loses $58 billion each... Continue reading →