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Why Amazon isn't best for selling books

by Vervante •

As you prepare for holiday product launches and sales (yes, it's that time already!), one thing to consider is where you're selling your products online. While Amazon is often the first place many people think of, that doesn't mean it's... Continue reading →

Top 20 Reasons to Work With Vervante

by Vervante •

We love working with you! And we love it when you share what you like about working with us. So in case you’re new to Vervante, or want to learn more about the different products and services we offer, we've... Continue reading →

How order processing and shipping works

by Vervante •

Ever wonder what going on behind the scenes from the moment a product is ordered until it arrives at someone's door? Today we're pulling back the curtain and giving you the grand tour of how order processing, fulfillment, and shipping... Continue reading →