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How to give your products the Etsy treatment

by Vervante •

Have you ever ordered something and when you open the box what you find is so much more than expected? Just picture it: Colorful tissue paper bundled around the product and with fun extras tucked around the edges like stickers,... Continue reading →

These products are perfect gift ideas

by Vervante •

As you’re preparing for holiday launches, end-of-year products, and promotions for the New Year, don’t forget that it’s also a great time to think about ways to show your gratitude for the customers, fans, and followers that have helped make... Continue reading →

Black Friday sales, shipping and deadline guide

by Vervante •

Whoa, if you haven't noticed yet, Black Friday is practically here! Our inboxes are already flooding with early coupons and special deals, even though it's a full month until the actual day. If you're planning on offering any holiday specials,... Continue reading →