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How to give your products the Etsy treatment

by Vervante •

Have you ever ordered something and when you open the box what you find is so much more than expected? Just picture it: Colorful tissue paper bundled around the product and with fun extras tucked around the edges like stickers, cards, bookmarks, magnets and more!

This is something we like to call the "Etsy" experience. It's that extra touch that makes buying from independent sellers so unique, and it's what turns customers into loyal fans that come back again and again.

No matter whether you sell on Etsy, Amazon, or through your own website or the Vervante Bookstore, we can help you create a memorable experience for your customers where everything seems homemade and shipped to them with personal attention, care and creativity.

Let's say that someone orders a book, planner, or journal from you. Starting with that, you add special packaging that fits your brand, like a custom-printed box or color-coordinated tissue paper wrapping. Next, tuck in a few extra products that complement the main item, like bookmarks, stickers, writing pens, notepads, or unique cards. Top it all off with ribbon ties and a hand-written note for a fun, hand-crafted “Etsy” type experience. Who knows? You might even end up seeing your product as the star in a social media “unboxing” episode!

Here at Vervante, we can help you add extras to your packages as we ship each order. Here are some ideas of what we've seen our customers include: 

  • Mini blank journals
  • Bookmarks or postcards
  • Logo decals
  • Branded calendars, notecards or notepads
  • Fliers sharing new products, classes or events
  • Hats, t-shirts, exercise bands, etc.
  • Recipe cards
  • Certificates
  • Crystals in colored bags

The "extras" you decide to include in your shipments can be items created and published by Vervante such as bookmarks, postcards, audio CDs, etc. Or they can be supplied products, such as decals, t-shirts, hats, etc, that you send to us and we store in our warehouse until you need them. 

If you have any questions about how you can create a unique custom experience for your shipments, please reach out to our team. We can't wait to see what fun extras you decide to your customers will love!