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How to promote expensive products

by Vervante •

So many times we talk about how important value is for us and for you. The value of the products we produce, the value of the service we provide, and the value all of that brings to your experience and the ultimate experience of your customers.

Value is very important to us as we address questions about why our products can sometimes cost more than similar ones from places such as Amazon or printers in China. The answers have a lot to do with value. Higher quality and value often mean a higher price tag, and the reasons this is a good thing are what we're sharing here so you can pass it on down to your customers too.  

Why our products are sometimes more expensive
Unlike Amazon or printers in China, we are a small U.S.-based business that makes and prints custom products with specialty add-ons such as tabs, stickers, etc., and often in just minimum order quantities of 25. We feel that there is just no comparison in the difference of quality and customer service when you look at products mass-produced, versus those that we print in small batches here in the U.S.

We put a high value on quality. Trying to compete with the low cost of large print runs overseas while maintaining strict standards of high quality for our product is just not possible. Our goal is provide the best quality, service, and experience when it comes to printing your products. This means your product will cost more than those you see on Amazon, but there is much to be said to justify that higher cost.

How to support high-dollar product sales
We print and ship thousands of products each week that our customers then re-sell either on their own website or on Amazon. Many of these authors and entrepreneurs point out in their sales and marketing the differences in quality for their products, highlighting that they are handmade in the U.S., in small batches, and provide an elevated look, feel, and experience. 

Information to consider and include on your sales page:

  • Printed in the U.S.
  • Printed in small batches with love and exceptional care
  • Printed and shipped from our own facilities in Utah
  • Manufactured and shipped by a woman-owned business
  • Products are handmade using high-quality components that last longer
  • Each product is an original that is custom manufactured
  • Supports local economy and provides jobs for our community
  • The increased cost of raw goods, including paper and ink produced in China, has been impacted since COVID

Here's what we think is the best reason of all to share why your products cost more, and have more value: Your products have been custom-designed to serve a specific need or audience as opposed to generic products targeted to a mass audience. Your independent ideas, experience, inspirations, and values are imbued throughout each product you create with us. They carry a unique message, content, ideas, and goals from someone who is truly invested in making their customer's lives better, stronger, and happier in so many unique ways.

We hope this helps you to understand a little more about the importance we place on value throughout everything we do, and helps you to share that passion with your customers too.