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Disc binding made easy

by Vervante •

If you would like to give your customers the flexibility and modularity to assemble their own planner, then a disc bound planner might be the perfect solution. We offer a variety of cover options and punching for this very popular planner.

>> Check out this video to learn more about punched for disc binding

Why you will love Disc Binding
We love Disc binding, and we know that you will too!
Here are some reasons why:
  • Disc Binding is highly customizable and allows your customers to add, remove and rearrange pages as often as the mood strikes.
  • Offer different cover images and options enables your customer to create their unique planner.
  • Ease of use! Disc binding allows you to have flexibility without the bulk! Pages will pop in and out and the discs take up hardly any space at all.
  • A variety of page sizes. Some of the most popular:
    • 4.625 x 7 (7 discs)
    • 7 x 9.25 (9 discs)
    • 5.5x8.5 (8 discs)
    • 8.5x11 (11 discs)
Disc Binding made easy
While we offer punching for disc binding, the discs are not included. Good news! You can send us the discs of your choice and we will include them when we ship the order to your customers. Discs can be purchased online on Etsy, Amazon, and other suppliers in a variety of colors, sizes, and materials. All you need to do is send them to us and we will get them to your customers!

If you feel like you’re missing out, you don’t have to suffer from FOMO you can easily convert an existing planner into disc bound! Check out this article to see how we can help!

We are excited to help you create products that you and your customers will love.

Spring into new ideas!

by Vervante •

Spring makes many people think - spring cleaning – refreshing their spaces. This is the perfect time to hit refresh on your business and hatch some new ideas! Spring forward and leap into those ‘someday’ projects.

Sometimes we just need to start, and here at Vervante we love to support you as you move forward.

>> Helpful ideas to propel you forward.

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We can’t wait to see what you create!

We can help you create beautiful coffee table books

by Vervante •

Coffee table books are a fantastic way to showcase your work with stunning and impressive imagery and we would love to print yours!

Coffee table book options offered include:
  • Flexible page sizes
  • Printed covers, faux leather or linen hardcovers
  • Layflat or glued binding
  • Dust jackets
Add your personalized sparkle with embellishments such as:
  • Foil stamped covers and/or dust jackets
  • Embossed cover and/or dust jacket
  • Printed covers and dust jackets can be film laminated with gloss, matte or soft-touch
  • Customized packaging such as a printed box, book wrapped in tissue paper, or other items included with the book such as a personalized letter, postcard, bookmarks, etc. 
When it comes to creating an eye-catching coffee table book, the paper quality matters. We offer premium quality paper and suggest either
80# or 100# paper. Depending on the number of books needed, we can either print using digital technology or offset printing. We offer you the best technology to give you the highest quality results. 
Take a look at this video with an example of a beautiful coffee table book we printed.
Coffee table books make a beautiful artistic statement, so let us showcase who you are with a coffee table book of your own!