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The importance of copy editing for books and all products

by Vervante •

Nothing can be more damaging to your products and your reputation than publishing a book or other written product that is filled with typos, errors, and incorrect information.

Every book needs editing, as well as other products such as planners, workbooks, journals, training manuals, fitness or health programs, and more. A few mistakes here and there aren't that big of a deal, but consistent misspellings, grammar errors, and incorrect information (such as wrong dates, incorrect website addresses, etc.) will distract your reader and leave them with a negative perception of you, your expertise, and the message or information you share.

No matter what your budget might be, investing time and/or money into editing for your project is a vital step that will help you create the best product you can. When your book or product is in the final stages of writing or design, we recommend that you have it professionally edited. Do not compromise when it comes to the quality of your product. If your budget allows for it, hire a professional. If not, consider a trade of services. Or ask for help from family, friends or colleagues. 

There are several kinds of editing services that can be done, including proofreading and copy editing:

#1 PROOFREADING: This is editing that is done at the final stage, before your book, planner, workbook, journal, etc. is finalized for printing. The editor checks for typos, formatting issues, and any other errors they can find. Proofreading is a "lighter" sort of editing that focuses on eliminating minor errors and inconsistencies. Proofreading is right for you if:

  • Your book, planner or product is in the final stages of design and ready to be printed.
  • You are reasonably confident in your work and just want one more set of eyes to catch any errors that might have slipped through.

#2 COPY EDITING: Copy editing is detailed, word-by-word editing that includes everything you get from Proofreading plus a deeper look at grammar, usage, and consistency. Copy editing is right for you if:

  • Your manuscript is finished but hasn’t moved to the design and formatting stage yet.
  • You want a professional set of eyes to ensure your content is free of errors, technical problems, inconsistencies or loose ends that might confuse or turn off your readers.

While we do not provide editing services here at Vervante, we strongly believe in the necessity of having an editor and often use editors to ensure professional end results. We are happy to provide you with referrals for editors, or answer any questions about editing at