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Why margin width is important for printing

by Vervante •

When it comes to deciding on the details for your next planner, book or journal, the smaller choices are just as important as the big ones. For example, you can have a gorgeous eye-catching cover, but if you open the book and the words are cut off in the margin, or holes are punched through them, it can ruin the whole experience.

Details like margin width are very important, as you can see. If you are designing a new planner, journal or book, attention to margins is crucial. We receive a lot of questions from our customer asking about margins, so we thought we’d share our recommendations here.

In general, for spiral or wire-o bound products we recommend 1/2" margins to be safe. However, if space is an issue, you can follow these specific guides:

  • Holes for spiral binding are smaller and only require 1/4" of the binding edge.
  • Wire-o holes are larger and require 1/2" margins

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