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What's new with Vervante

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Happy New Year!

A fresh start, new beginnings, endless possibilities… We figured this is the best time to catch you up on what’s new with Vervante in 2019. Whether you’re looking to add new products and revenue streams to your business, publish books, journals or other products, or get super creative with Tarot decks, planners and more, we’ve got what you need. Here's a quick look at the latest and greatest from the past year here at Vervante:

Vervante Publishing from A to Z

You may think you know Vervante, but check out the Vervante Publishing From A To Z guide and you might be surprised. We take you on a tour of our products and services, then give you a peek behind the curtain to learn more about our vision and how we work to provide the very best in publishing, production and fulfillment solutions for everyone. 


VIP, Coaching or Subscription Box Services

We can help you create a unique welcome or VIP gift for your coaching clients. Or if you'd like to start a subscription box membership we've got ideas and affordable ways to produce beautiful boxes or packages for your customers and clients. Click here to learn more.


Book Coach, Author Coach, and Publishing Consultant Services

Here at Vervante, we give book coaching professionals the ability to offer their clients complete idea-to-finished-product services – expanding your impact on their journey as an author, as well as your ability to increase your income as a business. Learn about our specialized services just for you by clicking HERE.


New Book: “How to Self-Publish”

How to Self-Publish: The complete guide for authors, entrepreneurs and industry influencers” was written to help authors, entrepreneurs and industry influencers make sense of all the steps that might seem confusing when publishing a book. By following this guidance in this book, you can check off all the details in a matter of days — and at a fraction of the price if you tried to figure everything out on your own.

To order a copy, authors can log into their Author account, scroll to the bottom of the dashboard and click on "Order Samples." For those who don't have an Author account, you can order the printed book in our Bookstore by clicking HERE, or download a digital copy here.

The Honest Truth About Amazon Best-Seller Status

When we started working with authors almost 20 years ago, bestseller status on Amazon had credibility and true value as it was achieved using the traditional method of counting book sales. But there’s a secret behind all of the buzz about becoming an Amazon bestseller that no one is talking about. And a lot of misinformation that we feel should be addressed. Over the years, Amazon’s methods for assigning bestseller status have changed – and we shared the hard truth about it HERE.


Author Spotlight Series Debut

We're constantly amazed by the clever, unique, brilliant and beautiful books and products our customers create. That's why we started a spotlight feature to share the details of their creations and the inspiration behind them.

We built this business to support authors, entrepreneurs, coaches and business owners. We realized that sharing your products with all of our customers is one more way we can offer our support. We're all in this together trying to provide valuable products or services to the world, and if we support each other, that's just a really good thing.

In 2018 we shined the spotlight on Nancy & Steve Juetten, James & Christopher Dack, Betsy Wiersma, Amber Lilyestrom, and Joy Don Baker & Terri Goodman. We’re not even close to done, as 2019 has a lineup ready to go of more inspiring authors, entrepreneurs and visionaries with stories we’re excited to share.

New Book: 50 Ways to Build a Business and Life You Love

"50 Ways to Build a Business and Life You Love" is a little book filled with big ideas about taking charge of your own destiny, following your passion and realizing your full potential. It's a great gift idea with an attractive design hard cover, foil stamped with a soft-touch UV finish.
Launched near Valentine's Day, this book is perfect for showing someone you care. Buy one for yourself. Give copies to everyone in your mastermind. Offer them as special bonuses with products, as prizes, or as gifts for clients you love to work with. No matter what, this little book will make a big impression.