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Details about Vervante Warehouse

by Vervante •

As the new year approaches we've been working hard to make sure we're ready to support you and all the new things you're planning for. Part of that has been updating our warehouse facilities and all the ways it can benefit your own business.

This past year we added an additional 15,000 feet to our warehouse facility located right next door to our headquarters in Utah. As part of the expansion, we have installed additional printing and bindery equipment, as well as lots of pallet racks to store printed products and various supplied items. This expanded space (a total of 28,000 sq feet!) and new equipment means we have also increased our ability to provide you with even more printing and binding services in addition to storage space.

What can warehousing do for your business?

  • Product Storage: Take advantage of bulk printing discounts. Print a large amount of your products at a discounted price, then store them in our warehouse until you need them.
  • Supplied Items: We can store supplied items for you that can then be included in future shipments. Things like supplements, clothing, crystals, etc.
  • Subscription / VIP Boxes: We can store products we create for you, supplied items, and products from collaborators, and then assemble and ship for you as part of any VIP, subscription, or special orders.
  • Easy Inventory Management: We provide an online portal where you can easily view and manage your inventory online.

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