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Spiral Binding: A Versatile Binding Option

by Vervante •

Why Spiral or Wire-o Binding?

Spiral and wire-o binding are versatile and practical choices for various printed materials. Here's why:

Lay-Flat Advantage: Spiral binding allows books to lay flat when opened, providing a seamless reading experience. This makes it an excellent choice for cookbooks, manuals, and other reference materials where easy access to content is crucial.

360-Degree Rotation: The ability to rotate pages a full 360 degrees means that spiral-bound books are easy to handle, making them ideal for presentations, notebooks, and educational materials.

Durable and Sturdy: The spiral binding ensures durability, making the book resistant to wear and tear. This is particularly advantageous for frequently used manuals or notebooks.

Customizable Page Sizes: At Vervante, we believe in flexibility. We don't have pre-set page sizes, allowing you to print anything from a small handbook to a full-size sheet of paper. Your project, your size!

We offer three types of spiral binding options to suit your needs:

  • Plastic Spiral Binding: A flexible and forgiving option that retains its shape over time.
  • Metal Spiral Binding: Offers a premium and sleek finish for a polished look.
  • Double Wire-O Binding: Combines the durability of metal with a stylish and professional appearance.

Spiral and wire-o binding can be used with any of our cover options:

  • Soft Covers: Perfect for a lightweight and flexible feel.
  • Hardcovers: Ideal for a more robust and premium finish.
  • Board Covers: For added durability and stability.
  • Poly Paper Covers: Water-resistant and tear-proof for added protection.
  • 10mm Laminated Covers: A sleek, polished look for a lasting impression.
  • Semi-Concealed Softcovers: Enjoy the usability of lay flat with a printed spine, combining functionality with a professional aesthetic.
  • Concealed Hardcovers: Opt for the premium lay flat option with a durable hardcover, providing both sophistication and resilience.

Transform Your Products with Custom Perforations

by Vervante •

Custom perforations are a way to offer removable sheets, cards or large documents bound into a book.

Imagine a book that not only provides valuable content but also offers detachable elements for added utility. Our perforation options allow you to include sheets that are neatly torn out along the binding edge, presenting endless possibilities for creativity and functionality.

1. Versatility in Every Page:  Whether you're looking to include a sheet of cards, a coloring page, or a reference document, we can perforate specific sheets in your product that ensure easy removal without compromising the integrity of the book. This opens up exciting opportunities for interactive content tailored to your specific needs.

2. Large Document Integration:  Take your publications to the next level by incorporating large documents seamlessly bound within the book. Picture a comprehensive roadmap, mindmap, or reference document printed on larger paper, neatly folded to fit in the book. The document is then spiral or wire-o bound, allowing users to tear along the perforated edge near the binding and effortlessly remove it from the book.

3. Customization for Every Project:  At Vervamte. we understand that each project is unique. Our customizable perforation options empower you to tailor your books to suit the content and purpose, providing a bespoke experience for your audience.

4. Practical Applications:  This innovative feature is perfect for a variety of applications, from educational materials with detachable study aids to planners, journals, and workbooks featuring tear-out resources. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.


   We have a brief video HERE with some ideas.   



Unlock Your Deck Dreams and Share your Card Deck in a Digital Format

by Vervante •

What Is Deckible? It’s like Kindle, but for card decks. Deckible is an app where you can upload your card deck and customers can view or purchase a digital version of your deck through the app. You make money each time your deck is sold.

Why Use Deckible: Reaching new people is hard/expensive. Deck owners need budget-friendly and effective ways to find new customers. Plus, we live in a world where people have their phones all the time and buying items through apps is a proven way to sell.

How Does It Work? Deckible provides a fun, tactile app for IOS/Android. You can upload your card deck to Deckible and sell customers a digital version of the deck. Customers new to you are more likely to try your deck out, (the lower app price draws them in), they are more likely to share your deck with friends (increasing exposure to new audiences practically throughout world) and you’ll sell more decks both digital and print versions.

Deckible provides a new way for customers to find you, see your cards, and become loyal fans. Customers who already have the printed version of your deck will love the ability to buy a digital version too, so they can access it easily on-the-go. People who start with the digital deck will often move on to buy the print version as well.