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Boost Your Book or Product Sales with a Bonus Coaching Call

by Vervante •

Including a 15-minute or 30-minute coaching call as a bonus can be an excellent strategy for increasing the value of your book or product. This not only allows you to raise the price of your book but also serves as a gateway to getting new clients into your larger coaching program.

How It Works

  • Create a Compelling Offer: Offer a free 15 or 30-minute coaching call with the purchase of your book or workbook. Highlight the unique value and personalized attention the buyer will receive.
  • Adjust Your Pricing: Increase the price of your book to reflect the added value of the coaching call. Customers will see the additional cost as a worthwhile investment for the personalized guidance they receive.
  • Promote the Bonus: Use your marketing channels—social media, email newsletters, and website—to promote this special offer. Explain the benefits and how the coaching call will help them get more from your book.
  • Include Clear Instructions: Ensure your buyers can claim their coaching call. This could be a link to schedule the call directly or instructions on how to contact you via email. Also, you can include a printed certificate with your product outlining the steps to book the coaching call. This certificate is a tangible reminder and adds a professional touch to your offer.
  • Use the Call to Upsell: During the coaching call, focus on providing value and addressing the buyer's needs. This is also a chance to introduce your more extensive coaching program and how it can help them further.

Success Stories
Many of our customers have found success with this approach. They’ve built stronger relationships with their clients by providing a coaching call, leading to higher customer satisfaction and more referrals. Additionally, the one-on-one interaction often results in new clients for their broader coaching services, generating significant returns on the initial investment.

Incorporating a coaching call as a bonus with your book or workbook can enhance your product's value, increase sales, and be a powerful marketing tool to attract new clients. Start offering this bonus today and watch your business grow!