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The best way to publish on Amazon

by Vervante •

We’re not going to beat around the bush here, the best way to publish your book or product is to FIRST sell from your site, THEN use Amazon Marketplace to pick up a few more sales. We suggest that you drive all of your social media promotions, advertising, email campaigns, etc. to your site so that you process the order and have access to all information - including who your customer is. We’ll take it from there to print and ship your book or product to your customer.

Building a Strong Author Platform
To put it very simply MORE PEOPLE = MORE SALES. You need to develop and nurture an audience filled with interested and loyal fans who will buy from you, promote for you, and sustain your sales both during a launch and for the long-term.

Successful authors understand the importance of building an audience BEFORE they launch – and keeping their audience active and involved for sustained sales and growth when it comes to their books, products and business.

Vervante is the only publisher that encourages our authors and customers to sell directly from your site so that you process the transaction, make more money, and more importantly – capture the customer data and build your email list.

(Amazon DOES NOT share that info with you. When you publish using Amazon’s program KDP, they consider the person who buys your book as THEIR customer, not yours, so they don’t share.)

For more details about how this works see: The one thing you need for a successful book launch

Easy Book Sales & Processing
We set up your listing on Amazon, we receive orders directly from Amazon, we process, print and ship those orders quickly and efficiently. All the details (except the email address because Amazon doesn’t share this with us) are posted to your Author Dashboard so you can check anytime and from anywhere. You can be confident that the entire process is being handled by professionals, and devote your time and attention to what matters most (writing your next book, nurturing your author platform, playing with your kids, etc.)

For more details about how this works see: How order processing and shipping works with Vervante

Bigger Royalties
We can list your book using the Amazon Marketplace option, which offers much better royalty rates than using Amazon’s publishing program KDP. While KDP takes a 40% commission, Marketplace only takes 15% commission.

We also have a strict policy against marking up postage or charging inflated “handling” fees. Some of our competitors add a markup of 33% on postage! Just think how this can really add up over time. We charge exact postage fees and no mark-ups.

More Control
: Using Amazon Marketplace gives you the ability to also sell your book in other locations like your own website or other online bookstores. Keeping control of your book sales in this way gives you the ability to have the best of both worlds:

  1. A listing on Amazon that establishes your professionalism and credibility
  2. The freedom to be creative with special events and sales offers on your own website through bundles, coupons, promotions, etc. (also great for building your author platform).

CUSTOM PACKAGING: The Amazon smile box is nice, but we can ensure your book stands out from the crowd with custom packaging and personalized packing slips. We offer a wide range of packaging from boxes to bags to creative options that you can customize to make your book or products really stand out. And every package we send out includes a packing slip that you can customize.

GLOBAL SHIPPING: Don’t hold back! We can ship your book anywhere in the world and keep you up to date on its status. Shipping confirmation emails are sent to recipients with tracking information. And all order information such as status and tracking numbers are posted to your account online.

If you have more questions about how Vervante can help you list and sell your book through Amazon in a way that benefits you - the author - we're here to help. Email us at or schedule a call with one of our publishing experts using our online calendar.