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How order processing and shipping works with Vervante

by Vervante •

At Vervante, we’re dedicated to making the process of creating, selling and shipping your books and products as easy as possible. Today we’re pulling back the curtain to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how the process works.

Sales Orders

To start the process, an order is placed. We accept orders from ANY shopping cart, retail channels such as Amazon, or distribution in excel or a csv file.  You can also log into your Author Account and manually place an order via your Vervante Author Dashboard.  Details about processing orders from your shopping cart can be found HERE.

Printing, Processing and Fulfillment

Next, the book is either printed on demand, or pulled from stock we are storing for you in our warehouse. Here’s how that works:

Printing on demand is when we print only the amount ordered, at the time we receive the order. For books or products printed on demand, you pay only the cost of printing plus postage for shipping.

Bulk orders can be printed and stored in our secure warehouse, ready to be pulled and drop-shipped when you need them. If we print books or products in bulk, hold them, and then drop ship on demand there are small order and pick fees. These are to cover the cost of the shipping package/box and the labor to pull the item from inventory.

For products printed or produced for inventory, including items you supply to us to ship, we have an online inventory reporting system.  We keep track of your inventory and the online reporting is updated in real time and your inventory is decremented in real time as orders are shipped.  You can set reorder levels for each item so you will be automatically notified when your inventory reaches a specific level.

Amazon Marketplace: If your book or product is listed and sold via Amazon, they take a 15% discount plus $1.80 per transaction fee for each sale. Amazon pays Vervante for transactions and we post the Amazon credits to your Vervante Author account weekly. You set the retail price for the book in Amazon Marketplace and customers pay for the shipping.


Once we receive and process your order, it will be shipped according to the method you or your customer have indicated. We charge postage based on weight and destination. We do not have a flat shipping fee and we do not inflate the postage rates.

We ship anywhere in the world using USPS and UPS services and keep you up-to-date on its status. Here's how it works:

  • Orders are completed and prepped for shipping, the package is scanned, and shipping labels are applied.
  • Products are mailed according to your preferred shipping method.
  • Shipping confirmation emails are sent to recipients with tracking information.
  • Order information such as status and tracking numbers are posted to your account online.

We hope this brief overview of the journey your books and products take from shopping carts to satisfied customers was enlightening. If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to reach out to our publishing pros by email or phone. We're here to help!