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What is the difference between POD and MOQ

by Vervante •

You've probably seen us talk about POD often enough, but what about MOQ? When it comes to the print and publishing world, becoming familiar with printing terms like these is a great way to minimize confusion and help you make the right decisions for budgeting, printing and sales down the line. Here's what you need to know:

What is MOQ?
“MOQ”, or minimum order quantity, refers to the fewest number of units required to be purchased at one time in order to place an order. The main reason for minimum order quantity is due to the upfront fixed costs associated with setting up a custom print job. Minimum order amounts can vary as well, depending on the product. To find out what the minimum order amount is for a specific product, please reach out to us either using the "Get a Quote" link on our website, or by emailing

What is POD?
Print on Demand, "POD", uses digital printing methods to print books and other products only in the amount needed. This means you can order 1 book or you can order 100, whatever you need. (More details here: "How Vervante Print On Demand works")

The deciding factor on whether printing will be POD or MOQ depends on the type and complexity of product. We've created a graphic you can see here that lists many of the products we provide and whether they are POD or MOQ. For example:

  • POD: Card decks, paperback books, notepads, and saddle-stitch booklets
  • MOQ: Hardcover planners and books, kiss-cut or die-cut stickers, and anything with foil stamping or wire-o binding

To access this graphic anytime, or download it for free, visit our Expert Guides page on the Vervante website.