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Adding custom postcards to packages

by Vervante •

In a recent article we talked about a wide variety of items you can add to a package to enhance your customers’ experience. Today, we would like to focus on just one of those – Postcards.

Creative postcards added to your product packages are guaranteed to get attention. They are simple, budget-friendly, and offer a surprising among of flexibility. As the first thing your customers will see when they open their packages, postcards add value and set the tone for each customers’ experience.

And here’s the fun part…

Your postcards can say anything you want. From a photo with a simple thank you, to a full-length mission statement, mantra, or take-action message, you can share a personal, intimate glimpse into you and your company in a way that can create instant connections.

We’re not talking about those “wish you were here” travel postcards you see on vacation, but strategically created cards with branding and content that fits what you need.

The key is to keep it simple, be real, and share something you know will resonate with your audience.

Love this idea? We do! Here are a few ideas for how we’ve seen our customers get creative with postcards:

  • Welcome
  • Get Started Instructions
  • Mission Statements
  • Mantras or Affirmations
  • Offers for Free Items
  • Discount Codes
  • Contact Information
  • Invitations to “secret” pages on your site or forums for customers only
  • Tickets to special events

Postcards can be printed any size and shape, but generally range from playing card size to traditional postcard size. They are printed on heavy stock, can be on both sides, and in color or black & white.

There’s a lot of power in these little cards. We’d love to help you harness it! If you’re interested in creating a batch of custom postcards to include with the packaging of your Vervante-created products, let us know at We can give you a free quote for creating the cards, and let you know how we can include them in all of your future mailings. You provide the design, we’ll get it to your customers, as easy as that.