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How you can add extras to subscription boxes and packages

by Vervante •

One of the most addictive things we love to watch on social media are “unboxing” videos. How fun is it to watch people open their packages and see not just what they ordered, but all the extra fun and special stuff inside?

The packages you send out can be just as fun for your customers to open (and maybe end up starring in their own unboxing videos) by adding just a few “extras.” The beauty of this idea is that it’s very customizable. You can create as much as you want, add any products you like, and customize the design and details – and we can help you make it happen.

How to add fun extras to packages

This works for any type of packages including Subscription Boxes, VIP Boxes, Book Launch Boxes, Planner Debut Boxes, and even just single-purchases such as books or journals.

FIRST: Decide what extras you would like to include in your package

The secret to really impressing your customers is to choose items to add to your box that will complement the product ordered, or that will add value to the event or program your customer signed up for.

We can produce some types of items such as:

  • Thank you postcard, notecard or letter
  • Wallet card flash drive
  • Card decks
  • Golden tickets, coupons, or bookmarks
  • Notepads / Notebooks / Journals
  • Stickers
  • (see our online catalog and samples for more ideas of products we can help you create)

You can also send us supplied items and our fulfillment service team can include them in your packages for you when we ship out your orders. Some ideas include:

  • Pens, pencils, markers
  • Apparel
  • Crystals
  • Bags for card decks
  • Tissue paper to wrap the planner/book/journal
  • Colored crinkle paper to sprinkle in the box
  • Athletic accessories (fitness bands, supplements, etc.)
  • Tote bags, pouches or pencil cases

NEXT: Decide on box specs and presentation

SIZE: If you would like a custom printed shipping box, we need to determine the correct sized box based on the content. Or, you can use one of our white shipping boxes and we’ll use the correct size.

When you speak with our team about putting together your special packaging, consider how you want it presented. Do you want the products nestled inside layers of colorful tissue paper? Add a touch of glamour with confetti? Carefully positioned in shredded packing paper or bubble wrap in colors that match your brand? Take a look at unboxing videos for similar products to yours for ideas on presentation, then let us know what you’d like to do.

Also, be sure to check our video vault page to see live examples of how this can work:

FINALLY: Set up for warehousing, fulfillment and shipping

Special boxed items like these involve multiple parts that need to be assembled, packaged and delivered just right. Here at Vervante, we provide the storage, assembly and shipping services you need for all types of boxes.

If you're ready to create a box that provides an extra special experience for your customers, here are your next steps:

  1. Start by sending an email to for a free quote.
  2. Let us know the products you plan on using, the box size and anything else you want for this project and we'll help you get set up.
  3. Better yet, put your head together with our CEO, Cindy Tyler, and she'll provide the advice you need for the box you want to create. (Schedule a phone call by clicking here)

P.S. Creating special boxes like these can also be a great opportunity for a collaboration. Send this email to a friend or colleague and work together to create something special!