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How to make your products even better

by Vervante •

No matter what type of product you have, there are always ways you can make it better. Even just the smallest little extra can be the key that inspires customers to hit the "buy" button and choose your product over the rest. We've rounded up a few ideas below for popular products that you can easily add for your products. 

Card Decks
Custom-designed card decks are fun, valuable, easy to use, and very memorable. A great way to uplevel your card deck presentation is by creating custom packaging. Many people provide bags for card decks that we can package them in, but did you know that we can also print custom-designed boxes and packaging for cards? Check out our expert guide, "How to Create Custom Printed Card Decks," on our Expert Guide page to learn more about card decks and the packaging options we offer.



Spiral or Wire-o Binding
Journals, planners, coloring books, and workbooks are just a few examples of products that increase in both function and value when you have the ability to lay them flat. When it comes to spiral and wire-o binding, we have a lot of options. Plus, we can help you list and sell spiral-bound products on Amazon - something most other print-on-demand publishers don't offer.

Spiral binding can be used for: 

  • Soft Covers
  • Poly Paper (water and tear resistant)
  • Hard covers
  • Laminated Soft Covers
  • 2-Ply Board Covers

We offer a range of colors for spiral and wire-o that have the power to deliver a high-impact first impression, as well as a reliable binding option for your customer. Your product, already packed with value, becomes awe-inspiring and unique with the simple addition of a color or metal option.

  • Plastic spiral binding (50+ colors)
  • Metal spiral (3+ colors)
  • Metal wire-o (7 colors)

For more information about using spiral or wire-o binding for books, journals, planners, coloring books and more, see "How to Sell Spiral Bound Products on Amazon" on our blog.

Custom Labels or Custom Printed Boxes
Custom labels are an excellent way to maximize your brand, logo, or message. Take advantage of this valuable – and often overlooked – brand-boosting opportunity by creating a fullcolor label that features your unique design. Custom labels are a simple, yet vastly effective way of dressing your letter and packages for success, and making sure that your brand is the one that stands out. A custom printed box stands out from the crowd. Add your message to the outside and inside of the box and wow your customers!

For more information about custom printed boxes, watch the video "Custom Printed Boxes" on our video vault page on the website.

Printed Newsletters
Direct mail pieces such as newsletters are a great way to connect to your readers at a deeper, more emotional level. Sending them in a standard white or brown envelope is great, but sending them in a clear mailing envelope is a great way to let your newsletter shine through and wow your readers before they even start reading them.


Check out our expert guide, "The Secret Weapon to Successful Newsletters," on our Expert Guide page to learn more about creating, mailing and packaging printed newsletters. 

For more product and packaging ideas that will help your products stand out from the crowd, be sure to watch the videos in our website Video Vault. We are also happy to provide free quotes and answer questions about any of the products mentioned here,