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Tips for turning your planner into a bestseller

by Vervante •

The world has become obsessed with planners and here’s why:

In a society where people dream big but feel like they have little time or can’t get organized, the idea of a tool that can help them clarify their goals, focus their thoughts, and prioritize their actions is something they can get behind.

Add to that all kinds of options catering to specific types of goals, projects or personalities, and you’ve got the makings of an obsession.
Creating a daily planner to sell as part of your own business is a great idea. But standing out from the crowd can be hard, especially if you’re just getting started. While most daily planners start with a very similar foundation, it’s the extras that transform them from just another planner to an entire experience – something that your customers will feel an emotional connection with and know that THIS is the planner that will support their success and THIS is the planner they must have!  

Want your planner to be “extra” special? Here’s a few ideas:

Specialized content: Create a planner that makes your ideal customer say to themselves “they know me, they really know me!” Customize it to fit specific personalities, passions, dreams and ideas by adding focused content like lists, affirmations, challenges, recipes, workouts, projections, formulas, charts, horoscopes, etc.

Paper Pockets: 2-sided pockets can be added to any size planner and used for holding extras like receipts, notes, etc. 

Foil embossing: A great way to add extra flair

Plastic slide-in bookmarks: Works great for spiral or wire-o planners

Binders: Another planner binding option is to use 3-ring or 6-ring custom printed binders. They allow for a lot of flexibility in customizing, adding, and editing planner pages as they are used throughout the year. Great for ongoing subscription or membership programs. (Binders can be made in several sizes with a custom printed sheet wrapped to create a professional turned edge binder.)

Stickers: Colorful, customized stickers make everything from holidays to reminders to celebrating success so much more fun!

Notepads: Matching designs make them fun, ability to take notes on the go make them practical.

Colored binding: Spiral binding is available in 50 colors. We stock black and white, but any of the other 48 colors available can be special ordered. Wire-o binding is available in 8 colors including black, white, blue, red, green, gold, silver and bronze.

Tabs: Design colorful tabs that allow quick access to any section.

Elastic closures: A great way to keep everything secure.

Excited? Inspired? We are too! If you’re ready to create – or update – your daily planner, our newest planner just debuted and you can check it out here: Vervante 2020 Planner.

If you have a vision, we can help. Start by sending an email to and let us know if you have questions or need help with customizations. We can provide free quotes or free advice to help you get it done.