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The best way to sell books directly to your readers

by Vervante •

Our recent article unveiling the Vervante Bookstore as a free online storefront solution for authors sparked a lot of conversations, mostly comparing the pros and cons of using the Bookstore versus your own personal shopping cart.

When you work with Vervante, we won’t lock you into just one option, and we definitely want to help you find the best solution. Knowing your options is a great way to start, so we’re sharing top features for both here.

How orders are placed

Personal shopping cart: You set up a shopping cart of your choice on your website, process the credit card transaction and send Vervante a copy of the order confirmation email. We print and ship the book to the customer, and we charge your account for printing, fulfillment and postage twice a month.

We can process orders from ANY shopping cart, no matter which one you use. And you don't need to worry about integration, API, or any of that fancy complicated stuff. Click HERE to learn more about order processing and shopping cart integrations with Vervante.

Vervante Bookstore: You set up a landing page on your website and redirect the purchase link (buy button) to your unique listing for your book in the Vervante Bookstore. The customer confirms their purchase from our site. We ship the book and we send you the royalty/proceeds from the transaction.

If we sell the book in our bookstore you determine the retail price. During the checkout process, the customer selects and pays for their shipping, so you don't need to calculate postage charges. There is a 10% processing fee for this service.

Vervante Bookstore features

Use this quick guide of Vervante Bookstore features to compare with your personal shopping cart choice:

  • Author Bio Page includes photo and bio
  • "Peek Inside" displays sample pages from book
  • Turn-key easy setup, one simple form
  • Shared customer data so you can build your subscriber list
  • Pre-orders for future release date

Finally, we just have to say, who says you can’t have it all? The Vervante Bookstore is a non-exclusive, additional resource we offer authors that can be used along with other sales solutions such as Amazon or website landing pages with personal shopping carts. We don’t set limits on you – and you shouldn’t have to set limits on yourself! If you’re interested in learning more about our printing, publishing, sales and fulfillment solutions for your book or printed product, contact one of our publishing pros by phone or email. We’re here to help!