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Free online storefront for Vervante authors

by Vervante •

If you’re looking for a way to make it easier for your readers to find and buy your book – or any product you create with us – the Vervante Bookstore has exactly what you’re looking for.

The Bookstore is a free online storefront solution we offer exclusively to Vervante customers. It allows you to direct customers from your website or social media to a page in the Bookstore that showcases your books and products and manages credit card transactions, fulfillment and distribution.

Here are a few highlights of what the Vervante Bookstore provides

  • Author Bio Page: Similar to Amazon’s author bio pages, connect with your customers by sharing your story.
  • Peek Inside: Just like Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature, customers can see a sample of your book’s interior.
  • Easy Sales Solution: You don’t need to set up complicated shopping carts or sales pages, we handle that for you.
  • Database Growth: You have full access to your customer’s data.
  • Higher Profits: You set the retail price for your product and pay us a simple 10% per transaction fee. The buyer selects and pays for the shipping and postage.
  • Full Access: You can login to your Bookstore account at any time to view activity, and we send monthly statements to always keep you in the loop.
  • Book Launch / Pre-Order Support: You can also use the Bookstore for pre-orders. Shipping estimates can be changed to show pre-order status and expected ship dates.

To list your book or product in the Vervante Bookstore

Log in to your Vervante author account on our website, then navigate to the Vervante Bookstore page under the Services Menu. On that page you will see information about pricing and sales, a calculator to help determine your royalties, and directions for submitting your books or products to be listed in the Bookstore.

Once your listing is ready, each product will have a unique URL that you can use to direct online traffic to the sales page. If you would like to revise the product descriptions or your author page, please send your requests with the final, approved content to our customer support team.

You can then promote your products from online locations such as your website, social media, blog, etc., using a link back to your unique Bookstore page. Your customers can then purchase from that page.

No matter if you're new to online sales or looking to add another distribution channel to your current sales strategies, the Vervante Bookstore provides an easy, effective and streamlined way to connect with your customers and get your books and products where they need to be.