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Add Elegance with Embossed Gold Seals on Certificates

by Vervante •

We can print and personalize your certificates with embossed gold seals.  Celebrate client milestones and course completion or recognize achievements. Our customizable certificates are the perfect way to commemorate special moments.

  • Customization: Each certificate is tailored with the recipient's name and date, ensuring a personal touch that makes every achievement memorable. 
  • Variety of Materials: Choose from parchment paper, foil-stamped border certificate paper or premium cover weight material to suit the style presentation of your certificates.
  • Embossed Gold Seal Option: Elevate the sophistication of your certificates with our newly added embossed gold seal. We will customize it with your logo, certification course, or company name for a distinctive finishing touch. 

Why Use Personalized Certificates?  
Impress recipients with high-quality materials and attention to detail, reflecting your organization's professionalism.

How to Get Started: 

  1. Create Your Design: Create the certificate and send us a PDF. We’ll customize it and mail it to your client.
  2. Choose Materials: Decide between parchment paper, pre-foil stamped certificate paper, or cover-weight paper.
  3. Add Embossed Seal: Opt for the luxurious touch of our embossed gold seal to elevate the look and feel of your certificates.
  4. Send Us Orders: Contact our team with your requirements, and we'll handle the rest, from printing to packaging and shipping.  We ensure each certificate arrives in mint condition by securely protecting it between two pieces of corrugated pads and mailed in a rigid stay-flat mailer.