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Why we love center sewn books

by Vervante •

Center sewn booklets are a simple and beautiful way to provide your customers with a product with visual appeal. This form of book binding uses no adhesives or staples. Center sewn is also known as Singer sewn.
What exactly is Singer sewn or Center sewn?
This style of binding is like saddle-stitching. An industrial sewing machine is used to stitch the book cover and pages together. The result? A spine with a visible continuous line of sewing that can be customized with thread that either contrasts or blends with your cover design.

Why we love center sewn book binding.

  • Creative - You can customize your thread color.
  • Durable - The number of stitches makes your center sewn book more secure.
  • Attractive – Simple and stylish way to create your product.
  • Cover Options – You can use a printed softcover or soft faux leather.
  • Ease of use – This style of binding allows your product to lay flat. 

For more information about our latest binding option, center sewn bookbinding, check out this page for more information. We also offer a printed and foil stamped cover sample here, with coordinating thread.

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