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Standing easel-style desktop calendars

by Vervante •

We've got something fun to debut here for you today - a new type of easel-style standing desktop calendar we know you'll love! If you're looking for a product that will stand up and get attention (see what we did there?!) this is what you need.

While we're calling this a calendar, please don't let that limit what you can do with this for content. These are also often used to share daily affirmations, inspirational quotes, reminders, tasks, and even to support programs for everything from finance to food to fitness.

To create this special product, we start with the easel part (or A-frame), using sturdy hardcover chipboard covered in paper that can be printed on. The first page of your calendar can also be hardcover, but you also have the choice of using paperback cover stock or even a vinyl poly plastic printed cover. Then it's all put together with metal wire-o or spiral binding.

Here's another great thing about these calendars - they can be printed any size! So if you want something tall and thin, or short and wide, or anything in between, we can create one that fits your needs. The minimum order quantity is just 25.

Our CEO, Cindy, put together a video showing all the details for this product and it's posted on our Video Vault page on the website. Or you can click here to watch it instantly. The sample shown in the video contains 180 sheets of paper to create a 360-day calendar. If you'd like to order the sample calendar we show here, filled with undated daily inspirational quotes, you can go to our samples page and order one directly from there.

We hope this new product has given you something to think about today. It would make a great standalone product, sure, but also perfect for adding to subscription boxes, mentor programs, in swag bags for events, or as gifts and marketing samples.