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5 Stress Busters for Writers and Entrepreneurs

by Vervante •

No one likes to be stressed, but it's a big part of life and we all have to deal with it. Work, health, relationships, politics, community, neighbors, friends and family - they can all throw curve balls that cause stress, which then roll on to affect all other areas of our life. Learning to deal with stress is important for both mental and physical health, so we wanted to take a break from talking about printing products and focus on something that we can all benefit from right now. 

STRESS BUSTER #1: Prioritize
Avoid letting everything you need to do swirl around like a big bunch of stress-balls in your brain. Prioritize. Do the things first that have the most impact and spend less time on less urgent matters. Here's a tip you don't often hear when people talk about prioritizing: When you're making your lists, zero in on the things that are really out of control and remove them from the list totally. Feels so good!

STRESS BUSTER #2: Set realistic deadlines
Try not to set unrealistic deadlines for yourself. Writing a book? Instead of saying you'll have it done in a month, instead say you'll write for 1 hour per day. If someone else is giving you harsh deadlines, see if you can negotiate.

STRESS BUSTER #3: Know Your Peak Performance Times
Are you a morning person? A night owl? We all have certain times in the day when we're more productive. Try to adjust your hours to fit your peak performance times. For example, if you are best during early morning hours, head to your "office" at 5 a.m. for a few hours of creative writing before the kids get up, then schedule exercise, conference calls, social media and other breaks from work for later in the afternoon.

STRESS BUSTER #4 Get Outside / Get Active
Fresh air does wonders for your mind. A little bit of cardio will do even more. Take breaks from work by stepping out into your backyard to soak up some sun, or taking your dog or kids on a quick walk. Mother Nature gives us plenty of space to breathe and surroundings that are bound to make you feel at peace. Plus some of the benefits of exercise include boosting energy, creativity, focus and productivity.

STRESS BUSTER #5: Give yourself a break
When we say give yourself a break, we mean it literally. Take some time for you and do something that gives you joy or peace. Art, exercise, sipping a caramel cappuccino in the park, reading a lighthearted novel, crafting, cooking, whatever it takes. It's easy to get caught up in trying to go-go-go and do everything for everyone else. Stop, breath, and take a moment for yourself. It'll do wonders.