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What is Print On Demand?

by Vervante •

You've seen the term "print on demand" or POD a bunch, but what exactly does that mean? We get asked this question a lot, so we're happy to break it down here and walk you through exactly how Print on Demand (POD) services work. And how POD helps authors, entrepreneurs, and business owners share and sell books and products on their own terms.

What does the term "Print on Demand" mean?
Printing on demand uses both digital and inkjet printing methods to print books and other products only in the amount needed, when they are needed. While other publishing companies may require costly minimum orders in large numbers, here at Vervante we offer Print on Demand services for any size order, printing only when you need it, to meet your budget and demand. Click here to see a list of products that we print using POD services.

How does Print on Demand work?

  1. An order is placed for a book or other product.
  2. We print the exact amount ordered.
  3. The order is then shipped to the customer.

Here are two scenarios to illustrate how this works:

  • If you list your book for sale on your website and a customer orders one book, we print one book and ship it to your customer.
  • If you have a speaking event coming up and need 25 books, we will print 25 books and send them to wherever you need them.

Print on Demand pricing
For books or products printed on demand with Vervante, you pay only the cost of printing plus postage for shipping. We offer free quotes for print on demand pricing, all you need to do is click on the "Get a Quote" link on our homepage.

Why use Print on Demand?
No more garages filled with towering boxes of books, gathering dust and taking up space until your customers order them. No more late nights assembling shipping packages, filling them with orders and packing materials, then adding each customer address. No more hours spent in line at the post office trying to figure out postage and best shipping methods for each order. No more waste. Best of all - no more stress!

How to Use Print on Demand with Vervante
We offer Print on Demand services for books, planners, journals, information products and much more. Here is a quick list of products we can print on demand. Click HERE to see a full list of POD products. 

  • Spiral-bound products
  • Saddle-stitch booklets
  • Products & books with softcovers
  • Products & books with poly paper covers
  • Vinyl 3-Ring Binders
  • Die-Cut Tabs
  • Notepads
  • Card decks
  • Greeting Cards
  • Postcards
  • Certificates
  • Newsletters
  • Bookmarks