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How to Create a Disc Bound Planner

by Vervante •

If you love Disc Bound Planners, we’ve got great news – we can help you create a disc bound planner of your own!

You’ve likely seen these types of planners offered by popular systems including Arc, Martha Stewart, Inkwell Press, and Happy Planner. Now you can add your own business to that group.

What is Disc Binding?
Disc bound planners have a unique, attractive look, but they are also highly functional, easy to use and adapt to so many different features. (In the photo here you can see one we've created.)

Disc binding combines the concept of a 3-ring binder with spiral binding. Your product will function like a spiral notebook but instead of using a continuous wire that permanently binds the content, the binding is composed of small round discs with a small lip on the edge that holds pages together. Pages for disc-bound products are specially punched in a unique way so that they hang onto the discs and can be easily added or removed.

Using disc binding, you can have multiple covers, page formats, and accessories, allowing you to create a custom planner ideal for your lifestyle.

Why we love Disc Binding
1. Highly customizable: You can add, remove, and rearrange pages to your heart’s content - and customers can too!

2. Variety of cover options:

  • Softcovers
  • Softcovers with frosted poly plastic overlays
  • Board covers
  • Laminated covers
  • Poly paper

3. Easy to handle: No bulky cover, pages pop in and out easily, discs take up very little space

4. We offer a variety of page sizes

  • 4.625 x 7 (7 discs)
  • 7 x 9.25 (9 discs)
  • 5.5x8.5 (8 discs)
  • 8.5x11 (11 discs)

5. We also can print any number of pages using different sized discs to accommodate various page counts

6. Endless possibilities: Accessories and other product lines can be added.

7. Ready to create right now: Vervante is one of only a few companies that provide punching for a disc bound product, so you can get started right now creating a unique planner that your customers will love.

Please note: We offer punching for disc binding - discs are not included. However, it's easy to find discs for your product and send them to us to be bundled with the punched content we create for you. Discs can be purchased on Amazon, Etsy, or special order them from overseas suppliers such as Alibaba.They come in a variety of sizes depending on the number of pages in your product, and in different colors and materials such as plastic and metal. We are happy to punch your product for disc binding and you can send us discs to be bundled with the content that we ship to your customers.

If you’d like a free quote for creating disc bound punched content, or for any other product or service, just click on the “Get a Quote” link on our website home page. Or you can always reach out via our Contact Page.