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Board Covers for Hardcover Planners and Books

by Vervante •

If you're looking for a budget-friendly, durable and attractive alternative for hardcover books or planners, board covers might be the answer for you. A popular (and affordable) cover we have been offering is a 2-ply. We are now also offering a 3-ply and 4-ply option. To produce these covers, we use our standard 12 pt C1S cover stock, the same cover used for a paperback book. We litho laminate (glue) two pieces together, three piece or four pieces of cover weight stock together to create a great option to a traditional hardcover.

Advantages of board covers

  • Depending on the size of the cover, board covers cost about 50% less than hardcovers
  • The turnaround time is at least two weeks less than hardcovers
  • We can wire-o bind or spiral bind (metal or plastic) board covers
  • Board covers can be printed 2-sided

So, if you’re working on a product that you’d like to have ready sooner than it would take using a traditional hard cover, a board cover might just be the solution for you.
You can order samples by clicking here: SAMPLES. We also have a quick video (CLICK HERE) demonstrating the different thickness options. If you have any questions about the products or design tips we shared with you here today, our team is ready to help at