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How to create your own stickers

by Vervante •

We've got something really fun to share with you today - stickers! Who doesn't love stickers? But did you know that beyond just being a fun product, stickers are also great for promoting your business and elevating your products? If you like the idea of having custom stickers with your own branding and design, we can help you create them.

Die-cut and Kiss-cut stickers
There are two types of stickers we offer, die-cut and kiss-cut. Here’s what makes them different:

Die-cut Stickers: Die-cut stickers can be printed separately in any shape or size. Because the backing is cut out the same shape as the sticker, this makes them an attractive gift or additional resource to use for everything from branding packages, adding to gift bags, or personalizing equipment and products. Die cut stickers are cut straight through the vinyl and paper backing to fit the exact shape of your design.

Ideas for using die-cut stickers:

  • Bonus gifts accompanying products or services
  • Boost brand awareness – can be applied to personal gear or products (computers, snowboards, helmets, binders, cars, you name it…)
  • Add to shipping packages for some extra color and pop
  • Printed with QR codes (see more below about using QR codes with stickers)
  • Extras for subscription boxes, goodie bags, welcome packages…

Kiss-cut Stickers: Easy to print, easy to use, and budget-friendly as you can print more stickers on one sheet of paper without the cost of cutting each sticker out individually. We offer up to 30 different shapes on a sheet, any size up to 8.5x11. These can be bound in a product such as a planner or journal, or packaged and sold as a sheet of stickers.

On-Demand Kiss Cut Stickers: If you’re looking for an on-demand kiss-cut sticker option, using a pre-cut sheet of stickers is an easy and affordable solution. We can purchase pre-cut sheets with various shapes. There is no minimum number of sheets required if we use pre-cut sticker sheets. In the example you see here, we printed 3” round stickers using a 3” round pre-cut sheet of labels. There are a variety of shapes and size available such as butterflies, starburst, and round stickers.  So if you’re looking for fun shapes and other options, using pre-cut label stock can be a very affordable option.

  • Custom Kiss Cut Stickers: Up to 30 shapes per sheet, minimum order of 150 sheets.
  • Pre-cut Sticker Sheets: No minimum, contact us for more information about shapes available.

Ideas for using kiss-cut stickers:

  • Upsell items for daily planners, workbooks, coloring books…
  • Personalize undated planners with dates, times, categories, etc.
  • Add to tabs for labeling and organization
  • Extras for workbooks, journals or coloring books
  • Activity books for children

Stickers with QR Codes
Stickers and QR codes are a great combination – and one you can easily use for everything from promotions to marketing to adding value to your products and services. See the example at right to see how versatile stickers can be for combining design with QR codes to create an easy way to share information or a call-to-action, increase brand awareness, and support audience and business growth. There are many free online sites where you can get a QR Code.  All you have to do is add the QR code to your sticker (or postcard or document) and you can easily link your offline customer to your website, social media, or other online platforms.

How to print your own die-cut or kiss-cut stickers
If you like the idea of creating stickers, we’re here to help! For ideas and inspiration, check out the videos we’ve shared on our website. To receive free quotes, or share questions and ideas, email
p.s. This information is also available on our website Expert Guides page. You can access and download it also by clicking HERE.