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Step by Step How to Create a Daily Planner

by Vervante •

If you’ve been thinking about creating a daily planner, the right time to start is right now. Over the last few years here at Vervante, we’ve helped hundreds of clients create and sell the daily planners of their dreams. We want you to have a successful experience, too, so this year we are committed to providing step-by-step guidance for planning, creating and launching daily planners for any year - or even undated planners too!

Planning ahead is the key. Understanding the steps it takes to create a planner will help avoid last-minute stress if you’re launching for the new year. So for today, we wanted to share with you a simple 7-step overview of the process with suggested timelines for creating a daily planner.  

Step 1 | Know Your Timeline
If you are creating a planner for a specific year and would like your planner to ship and arrive by a specific time, be sure to find out what the deadline is with your printer. Planning ahead for steps in the process such as design turnaround, ordering samples, beta testing, and print times is also essential to know.
Step 2 | Select Your Topic, Size & Specs
The sky is the limit when it comes to topics and types. Start by asking yourself: Who is your audience and what type of planner would best serve their needs? The size and specs for your planner are the foundation of what you’re building. For ideas and inspirations, check out the Vervante Video Vault.  
Step 3 | Time to Design
Design matters. If you want to do it yourself, you can use programs like Canva or InDesign to create your planner pages. Or you can hire a professional graphic designer. Just make sure your planner design is both beautiful and functional for a high-quality look and feel.

Step 4 | Decide on the Details: Extras & Add-Ons
It’s all the little extras that can make a planner extra special. Check out the Vervante Video Vault showcasing features that can add both fun and functionality, such as colors of wire-o and spiral binding, metal corners, elastic straps, stickers, and more.   
If your planner is intended to be used for more than 90 days, we encourage you to use a board cover or hardcover.  A printed softcover is great, however, with daily use it probably won’t hold up.

Cover options

  • Board covers
  • Hardcovers can be printed, faux/vegan leather or linen.  The faux/vegan and linen options are generally also foil stamped.  We have color options on our site HERE.
  • Laminated softcovers
  • Softcovers or softcovers with poly overlays

Binding options

  • Metal wire-o binding
  • Metal spiral binding
  • Plastic spiral binding
  • Casebound hardcover
  • Punched for disc binding

Step 5 | Pricing & Production
Use the free quote tool on our website home page for free printing quotes and information. We provide a wide range of cost-effective, customized options for printing daily planners so you can get what you need, when you need it, and exactly how you want.

Step 6 | Presentation
A beautiful planner deserves beautiful packaging. If you want to make a great impression right from the start, we can help by providing custom boxes, shipping labels, message cards, stickers or bookmarks that can be included with your planners to give it a personal touch that will really impress customers.

Step 7 | Orders, Shipping and Fulfillment
Successful launches and happy customers depend on having a streamlined sales and shipping process. We can list your planners on Amazon, help you sell from your own website, or list your planner in our online Bookstore where we can handle credit card payments for you. Fulfillment and shipping are also done for you as we print, package and ship your planners anywhere in the world.

We hope this helps you to avoid that “I’m not sure where to start” feeling that many people often have. We’re excited to help you create new planners and are here to help every step of the way.