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Best products to sell during quarantine

by Vervante •

The news lately has been filled with stories of teachers, parents, and even children creating products specifically to help others during the pandemic.

There was the Washington Post story about 4 teens who created a coloring book to educate kids about the basics of a disease some adults continue to have a hard time understanding. And a 12-year-old girl in Australia who designed a deck of 54 cards filled with ideas for how kids can spend their time during quarantine.

We love this! It can be so easy to feel discouraged or helpless with the state of the world today. But what these innovative kids are doing is inspirational - they are using the power of publishing to create products that can make a positive difference.

If you’re inspired to create something that will uplift and improve the lives of other people during these uncertain times just like these kids did, but need some help brainstorming, here are a few ideas:

Family & Homeschooling
Schoolchildren across the country are learning remotely, which means parents need some help with keeping kids focused and motivated.

  • CARD DECKS can be used to create flash cards, writing prompts, memory games, puzzles, and even fun challenges.
  • PLANNERS: Create planners for kids that make learning fun. Or planners for parents to help them stay organized.
  • JOURNALS, NOTEBOOKS & COLORING BOOKS are also great for writing projects, keeping track of schoolwork, drawing and other art projects, artistic expression, play time or quiet time activities, and more.  

Health & Wellness

  • Create CARD DECKS filled with daily affirmations, positive messages, wellness tips, meditations, challenges, and any content that supports positivity and wellness 
  • BOOKS, JOURNALS & PLANNERS: if you already have products or programs about health and wellness, you can reuse that content to create journals, daily planners or books filled with ideas and actions that promote health and support wellness.

Fitness & Nutrition

  • CALENDARS are easy to create and can be filled with nutrition and fitness information. Create a 365-day tear-off calendar with daily tips, actions and support. Wall calendars can be filled with motivational content and images.
  • BOOKS, JOURNALS & DAILY PLANNERS can be filled with recipes, shopping tips, goal-setting strategies, fitness challenges, etc.
  • CARD DECKS are perfect for fitness and nutrition. You can share daily exercises, recipes, menu plans, bootcamp routines, yoga poses, challenges, etc.  

Business & Finance

  • Financial planning, budgeting and knowing how to manage money has never been more important. You can help people by educating and guiding them in managing their personal and business finances with PLANNERS, BOOKS, WORKBOOKS and similar products.
  • Working from home? Who isn't?! Running a business from a home office means there are many people out there who can benefit from your knowledge - CARD DECKS, PLANNERS, WORKBOOKS, BOOKS and other products can make a big difference.

Hobbies & Personal Growth

  • Gardening, Art, Crafting, Writing: These are all hobbies that help people to feel productive and give them a sense of accomplishment. Help people learn or perfect new hobbies that you are an expert in by sharing your knowledge through BOOKS, CARD DECKS, and WORKBOOKS. Or create audio or video content and share it through CDs, DVDs, and USB drives.

Everything we mention here can be created, fulfilled and shared with your audience through Vervante. If any of these sparked an idea for you, we’re here to help you make your difference in the world. Check out our full-color catalog to see all the wonderful products we can help you create. And email us at for free quotes, questions or any help you need.

Together, we can make the world a better place!