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Creative ways to launch a book or product

by Vervante •

Launching a new book or product can be very exciting – and also very scary. One of the best things you can do to support a successful launch is find a way to capture attention and capture sales at the same time. That’s why we’ve gathered up three creative launch ideas you can you to help you stand out from the crowd.

#1: Launch Date Landing Page

As you prepare for your official launch date, create a dedicated landing page. You can add bonuses as incentives for your customers such as free downloads or extras if they buy on that specific date. You can then have the Buy Now button either go to your Amazon link or your personal shopping cart – and ask customers to provide proof of purchase to receive their free extras. In addition, connecting with customers this way allows you to collect their contact information to add to your list for future communication.

For a fun and creative example of using a launch landing page and bonuses to promote a book launch check out Scott Stratten’s “The Jackass Whisperer.”

#2: Exclusive Print Run

People love a VIP experience. Another great idea to boost your book or product launch is to do a special print run that will be sent to special customers, connections and influencers to help spread the word. You can autograph your books, include handwritten cards, bookmarks or stickers, and give your readers an early, exclusive peek.

#3: VIP Boxes

Speaking of VIPs, you can take your exclusive print run to the next level by adding products to create VIP boxes. Add other products to the package that complement your book. Use special packaging that features your brand and design, so they know they are getting something unique and interesting. Top it all off by having it wrapped with colored tissue, stickers, and extras for a fun, hand-crafted “Etsy” type experience. You might even end up seeing your product as the star in a social media “unboxing” episode!