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Working from home tips from our staff

by Vervante •

If working from home is new to you, you're probably realizing that it's not everything Instagram made it out to be. You know what we're talking about: Fresh croissants, fancy coffees, spotless offices, and children and pets that quietly entertain themselves in the background. If you're laughing right now, you get it.

Life has thrown us a curve ball, but we're confident that we can all rise to the challenge and create a "new normal" that works. So if you're getting a little frustrated and trying to figure out how to make this whole work at home thing work, we're sharing a few tips our staff swears helps them to stay sane, be productive, and even enjoy their days a little bit more.

#1 Have a Designated Workspace 
If you don't have a home office, find a space in your house and declare it as "officially yours" while you're working from home. It can be the breakfast bar, a writing desk in your living room, or the unused fancy dining room table. The idea is to use it just for work and nothing else. Creating a designated work area solely for the purpose of completing work-related tasks is critical for increasing productivity and reducing distractions.

# 2 Know Your Peak Performance Times
Are you a morning person? A night owl? We all have certain times in the day when we're more productive. Working from home gives you the freedom to adjust your hours to fit your peak performance times. For example, if you are best during early morning hours, head to your "office" at 5 a.m. for a few hours of creative writing before the kids get up, then schedule exercise, conference calls, social media and other breaks from work for later in the afternoon.

#3 Get Outside / Get Active
Fresh air does wonders for your mind. A little bit of cardio will do even more. Take breaks from work by stepping out into your backyard to soak up some sun, or taking your dog or kids on a quick walk. Mother Nature gives us plenty of space to be outside while still social distancing. Plus some of the benefits of exercise include boosting energy, creativity, focus and productivity.