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How Vervante helps authors get the independence they deserve

by Vervante •

Happy (Author) Independence Day!

As we celebrate here in the U.S. the blessings and benefits that independence brings to our lives, we can't help but think about how this affects authors too.

The world of self-publishing has opened so many doors for passionate, creative people with dreams and ideas that need to be shared with the world, and it's given them the freedom they need to write, design and share their book ideas in exactly the way the want - without holding back or changing to fit someone's ideas of what's "right."

For more than 30 years, we've dedicated ourselves to providing the resources, support and guidance authors need to turn their book and product ideas into viable, thriving businesses that give them the independence they deserve.

With Vervante, you have the freedom to:

  • Be in the driver's seat for all design and content decisions, so you can create exactly what you want, and what your customers will love
  • Create additional products that add value to your book and can create additional revenue streams
  • List your book for sale where ever you want: We can help you list on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, Vervante Bookstore and eBook venues including Kindle and Nook. PLUS we can also list your book through the Vervante Bookstore and personal websites
  • Use a shopping cart solution that works best for you (we can work with ANY)
  • Have access to a Free online storefront solution if you don't want to mess with shopping carts
  • Be in complete control of your listing prices, discounts, special offers, etc.
  • Gather customer emails and create a database that allows you to stay connected to your loyal fans and be free of the whims of social media for marketing and connecting with your audience
  • Choose shipping options that work for you - and not worry about bogus additional frees
  • Not be restricted by unnecessary contracts or high-priced publishing "package" requirements
  • Retain all rights as sole owner of your book with our unique non-exclusive agreements
  • Publish when you want, not when you're told to: If you are writing a book that cites current events or has a topic that is timely, bringing the book quickly to market is critical. Once you send your print-ready files to Vervante, your book can be ready to print and listed for sale in a matter of days.
  • Sell to a global audience: We ship anywhere in the world
  • Get all the expert help you need. We know how important it is for authors to have access to resources and guides that they trust. That's why we created a FREE Expert Guide Resource Library on our website filled with a wide range of free ebooks to inspire, educate and support your journey creating, sharing and selling books and other printed products with Vervante.

If you've been thinking about writing and publishing a book, but something's held you back, we hope that this holiday inspires you to finally take the leap to assert your own independence and become the author you were meant to be.

Because nothing's worse than having a dream inside you and keeping it hidden where the world can't see or benefit from it.

Happy Independence Day, authors. We're excited to watch you shine!