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Author Spotlight: Corliss Rassyle

by Vervante •

We're constantly amazed by the clever, unique, brilliant and beautiful books and products our customers create. So much that we're putting them in the spotlight to share the details of their creations and the inspiration behind them. Today we'd like to introduce you to Corliss Rassyle, personal leadership coach, entrepreneur, speaker, and author of "Lead Your Life."   

The story behind the book

Q: What inspired you to write this book?

A: What inspired me to write a book? I rediscovered purpose! I had been doing the same career for many years and wasn’t feeling the same passion as I once did. My children had also grown and were more independent and that left me asking myself what was next for me. With some self-reflection I recognized I was wanting more for myself, but to contribute more to others than I was. I started my new company, With Purpose Consulting, to help people who are like me. People who want to have a sense of purpose and passion in their lives and bring that home to their families and with them to their work. As I was creating content for the workshops, seminars and conferences a book was born! I want to make a positive and significant difference in the world and a book is a powerful way to share insights that can help others.

Q: What advice would you give for other aspiring authors?

A: Write from the heart and be yourself. There is a message within you that needs to be heard. Share from that place.

Q: What do you love about your book?

A: I love knowing I have a tool that can help and support people as they journey through life.

About “Lead Your Life. How to live with purpose, passion and confidence”

Corliss Rassyle’s book, “Lead Your Life. How to live with purpose, passion and confidence” helps readers discover their unique purpose, connect to their passions, and find the confidence to create the life they deserve.

Corliss has a natural talent for simplifying topics that are often difficult for people to grasp. After decades of balancing a high-level leadership position, surviving divorce, and independently raising three children, she understands the burden of responsibility and how the monotony of routine can leave you feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled. With a leap of faith, and a deep desire to create something new, she courageously turned her own life around and shows others how to do it too.

She understands the issues plaguing women of today and with honesty and transparency will guide you to answer the questions you’ve been asking yourself; “Is there more to my life than I am currently living?” and “What is next for me?”

As you experience life you will grow and evolve, as can your purpose and passions. “Lead Your Life” will guide you to discover those passions and connect with a purpose that brings meaning back into your life, and with purpose, you will have the motivation to confidently create the life you imagine!

Learn more

Learn more about Corliss and her book here:

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