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How to Create a Catalog That Showcases Your Business

by Vervante •

When you ask people to blurt out the first thing they think of for catalogs, you’re probably likely to hear things like “Sears” or “Pottery Barn.” As much as our mothers may have loved the catalogs they received back in the day, today’s catalogs are breaking new ground and being used by savvy entrepreneurs and businesses to share information well beyond a simple lists of products.

In fact, we’re pretty excited about the things we’re seeing people do with catalogs these days. Businesses small and large are using catalogs to share their brand story, give their audience a new way to learn and connect, share news and showcase events, services, products and other offerings.

Catalogs drive sales, yes. But they also help build loyal fans by capturing their interest, providing multiple ways to connect, and sharing unique and colorful images and content that build interest and trust in what your business provides.

Here are a few important things catalogs can do for you:

  • Tell your brand story: A mix of articles, images and messages along with product or service offerings in a catalog inspired emotional connections with readers.
  • Boost credibility: A colorful, information-filled catalog inspired confidence and creates credibility.
  • Synergize with social media: In a digital-focused world, printed catalogs offer a unique and strong complement to online marketing that has the same targeting ability as many social media channels. For instance, you can send catalogs only to specific customers who have visited your website, or worked with you in a specific way. Another idea would be to create alternate covers for your catalogs that appeal to different segments of your target audience, focusing in on what will capture their attention the best.
  • And yes, increase sales. Sharing your products and services in this way offers a format for readers to pick up what you’re putting out there again and again, in venues that social media can’t get to.

If you’re interest in creating a catalog for your business, we can help. First, you need to understand the product itself. Here’s the secret: it’s simply a saddle-stitch booklet, easy to create and easy on your budget. Next, decide on your content. Don’t be hindered by old-fashioned ideas of what catalogs should be. Create your own unique product by mixing up content and staying true to your brand and message.

Catalogs can be any dimension and any number of pages. You can email us at to ask any questions and receive a free quote. And we’re happy to put you in touch with one of our publishing experts to brainstorm ideas. Don’t forget, we now offer services to schedule phone conversations, just use the link from our Contact page.