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5 Reasons You Should Still Use CDs and DVDs

by Vervante •

While it may seem like the world is shifting into becoming purely digital with music, games, movies, TV and more all easily accessible online, there is definitely still a market for physical CDs and DVDs, especially when it comes to stability, security and the perceived value of a product. 

Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why creating and sharing/selling physical CDs and DVDs should be on your list of top products that will support your business and make a lasting statement.

1. Data Storage

When you purchase a CD or DVD, all you need is physical space to store it. When you purchase a digital download, data storage can become an issue. If you start compiling a large digital library of stock photos, graphics, and digital products for your business, it becomes necessary to have a large amount of secure storage space. So often, when you buy digital downloads, you end up paying twice: once for the content and once for the storage space to keep it.

With data storage, there’s also the issue of security. We’re not talking about cyber-hackers here, but about the longevity of your storage and your ability to access it. Upgrading your offices to new computers, malware attacks, storage companies going out of business, or even just accidental deletions can all wipe out your digital files in mere clicks.

2. The Take-Action Factor

If you want your clients and customers to take action with your programs, a physical product can often encourage quicker responses and results. A .zip folder can sit in your 'Downloads' folder for months, waiting for when you have the time to unzip and store the files to your storage area. A CD or DVD commands your attention and is easy to pop in and push play to get started right away.

3. Perceived Value is Higher

There is a greater sense of satisfaction and value when purchasing and receiving physical products in comparison to digital products. You can hold CDs and DVDs in your hand. They can contain extras such as informational inserts, or stickers in the cases. And they can be packaged with complimentary products such as notepads, posters, cards, journals, etc. And don’t forget all those great photos on social media of happy customers showing off their latest purchases.

4. Perfect for Live Events

If you are a speaker or present at any type of live event, physical products such as books, CDs and DVDs are perfect for displaying at informational tables or for sales at the back of the room. You can take photos with your customers holding their CDs and DVDs. You can autograph them, or give them as gifts or prizes. They are wonderful as free products that help build your list, or paid products to grow your income.

5. Low Tech Friendly

Technology is a wonderful thing, but when tablets or laptops are incompatible, systems malfunction, or the Wi-Fi stops working, you can lose access to your digital products. Meanwhile, a CD or DVD is always ready to go and can be used offline at any time.

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In the debate of digital vs. physical CDs and DVDs, there really isn’t one clear winner. No matter if you choose to go fully digital, or work on adding to your physical library, the best answer is probably a mix of both that works best for both you and your intended audience.

Bottom line? There’s still a strong case for offering CDs and DVDs as part of your business, so be sure to keep them in the lineup as you plan for future products to help your business grow. Questions? Email our publishing pros at