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How to avoid the big problem with bulk orders

by Vervante •

Everyone knows that when it comes to bulk orders, even though you get a great discount on printing costs, there is always that little annoying problem: You’re stuck with boxes and stacks of books in your garage gathering dust – and your assistant in charge of shipping just ran screaming out the door.

Not anymore!

At Vervante, bulk orders for books and other products definitely lower printing costs and leave more money in your pockets. But we also offer something extra – FREE STORAGE for Vervante-produced bulk orders in our modern, secure warehouse, and full access to our exceptional fulfillment services when you’re ready to send your products out into the world.

Bulk orders are perfect if you:

  • Are planning a big book or product launch
  • Are headlining an event and plan to make an offer from the stage
  • Have products for workshops and programs that enroll throughout the year
  • Travel often, giving presentations and offering back-of-room sales
  • Anticipate extra sales from joint ventures or media appearances

We're often asked: "What quantity do I need to order to get bulk discounting?"

For perfect bound books, any amount of 100 or more is a bulk order. For all other products, such as spiral bound books, CDs, DVDs, information products, cards, calendars, etc., an order of 50 or more is a bulk order.

Remember, the more you order, the greater the discount, so be sure to send us a note requesting a quote to find out what your discount will be.

Lower printing costs means more money in your pocket. And no matter where you or your customers are, since we already have your products printed and in stock in our warehouse, we can ship your books or products within 24-48 hours. Save time, money, stress ... and your assistant will be happy too!

When you're placing bulk book orders, don't forget that you can also order other products in bulk - like postcards, bookmarks, CDs & DVDs, spiral workbooks, journals and more. Many of our products are great for adding value to your book sales - as well as for generating leads, attracting new clients, or building your list.

Remember, it only takes a minimum order of 50 for most products. They can be stored and shipped with your books - or on their own. Whatever you need - we've got a cost-effective, efficient solution for you!

If you are interested in our bulk printing and warehousing services, contact to get a quote or get your project started right away. And remember, big sales are in your future. Now is a great time to have your products printed and ready to go, and save a little (or a lot) of money while you're at it!