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Author Interview: Michelle Moore

by Vervante •

Michelle Moore is a natural health advocate who strives to educate and help people to achieve and maintain optimal health through natural and integrative approaches. Michelle’s books, websites and consulting services have assisted thousands of people in understanding the numerous tools and approaches that are available to help in overcoming chronic health challenges, especially infections.

Michelle’s interest in holistic health began when she worked for a major pharmaceutical company as a Microbiologist. For a number of years Michelle performed microbiological research on many kinds of bacteria. She later became a consultant; teaching pharmaceutical companies how to be compliant with the microbiological manufacturing regulations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). After struggling for four years with recurring infections that mainstream medicine was unable to treat, Michelle discovered a way to restore her health using holistic and natural medicine.

In her books, DVDs and other resources, Michelle helps people to view health challenges from a larger point of view by addressing the root cause of the condition. Rather than simply “fighting the disease,” the underlying causes of illness are explored. The use of a variety of traditional, integrative and natural methods focused on achieving both short-term and long-term results are revealed.

In this interview, Michelle shares her experience using published products to share her knowledge and help change lives on a greater scale.

Q: What was the inspiration behind your books?

I’m a microbiologist who used to work for pharmaceutical companies. My husband Les and I published our first book MRSA Secrets Revealed in 2008. It offers a different perspective to help people in their recovery from Staph and MRSA bacterial infections.

For me, it was a personal mission to help others in need as this issue struck a personal cord. I myself had battled against recurring sinus infections for several years. Antibiotics weren’t working and my doctor couldn’t offer me any other help. So, I had to start finding answers for myself. And that meant stepping outside the world I knew. What I found changed my life, and I put what I discovered into this book.

Q: Give us a peek inside the publishing process for you

We heard of Vervante through another colleague of ours. We discovered their publishing products met our needs and we were also very happy with their service, support and pricing compared to other companies we’d worked with.

As our company is composed of just my husband and I, we can’t do it all (even though we try). It’s great to know Vervante can handle graphics and design issues for us when it comes to cover graphics and layouts. Whenever we’ve had any questions, they are quick to answer. Email support from Vervante is exceptional and it’s great to trust and know they are on top of things.

We don’t have the time and resources to be stocking and shipping books to our customers with our busy work schedule. So, printing, warehousing and shipping each of our books is what we use Vervante for, and we’ve been very happy with their services over the years.

Q: What do you wish that someone had told you BEFORE you began the publishing process?

It would have been nice to do our homework ahead of time and brush up on editing and design. Some aspects of publishing are not obvious unless you are a designer and knowing that would have saved us some time. Thankfully Vervante was able to help us identify potential problems that would affect the quality of our book and printing-related issues so our publishing went smoothly. It’s worth having an expert alongside you to help you through issues you never even knew existed.

Q: Is there anything you would do differently next time?

I would do my homework and learn rudimentary of editing and graphic design, color management and printing. That being said, we also try to know it all and do it all. However, that’s not really possible if you want to be a profitable business. It’s better to let the experts do their thing so we can do ours.

Q: How did Vervante support you during the launch of your product?

The launch of our second book went very smooth. As usual, they sent us proofs of our new book, kept us apprised of the process and once we approved our proof, we were ready for our first print run. They handled everything like true professionals and that’s why it was a smooth start.

Our books have been very successful and we get frequent reports of happy customers. Not only is our story great and helpful, but it’s put together in a professional quality package.