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How to choose the right publisher for your book

by Vervante •

Your dream of publishing a book, CD, DVD or other unique product is almost to the point of becoming a reality. You’ve crafted the perfect content for it and are ready to take the next big step – publishing! The most important move you can make right now is to take the time to research your next steps in order to ensure your final product stays true to your vision. Choosing a publisher is a big decision – they will become an important part of your team and an essential element for bringing your dream to life.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve gathered together the top 8 qualities you need to look for in an on-demand publisher for your project. After more than 30 years in the publishing industry, we’ve seen up close and personal what you need – and what you don’t need – in order to pick the right company to help you. And we know that no matter if you choose to work with a larger corporate publisher or specialized boutique organizations, these are universal truths that will help you make the right decisions to ensure that your publishing experience is valuable, productive and, above all, stress-free.

  1. Easy to Use: Are you a DIY person, or do you want someone to be your personal guide and help you through the process? No matter which, make sure that the publisher you choose can work with your unique publishing mindset.
    1. DIY: For the person who prefers to do it themselves, check that the website has a full complement of online tools, training videos, whitepapers and information posted for those who prefer total automation. 
    2. A partner in publishing: For those who love to have access to personal help throughout their publishing experience, check to make sure your publisher has a team available to help with everything from file set up, graphic design, packaging and more.
  2. Proven Track Record: How long has the company been around? What is their experience / track record in the industry? Who are the principles and what is their background? Your book or product is very important to you and you should have qualified, experienced professionals with satisfied clients and proven track records to be on your team.
    1. Check the publisher’s “About” page on their website for initial background info.
    2. Read up on the executive team. See what their background is and their level of experience within the publishing industry.
    3. Look for information about other clients who have used this publisher. If their contact information is public, reach out to them to hear about their publishing experience.
  3. Customization. Your unique vision should know no boundaries. Check out what customization options are available to you. Are you required to use cookie-cutter templates or do you have access to various unique customization options for your product. “Off the shelf” ideas are great for certain standard projects, but you want to make sure that you can break out of the box and have access to all sorts of creative products and packaging depending on your needs. Ideas? Hmmm, how about drawstring bags for personalized card decks? Or t-shirts, framed certificates, goody bags, shipping boxes or clear newsletter packaging envelopes? A good publisher will take your ideas, bring them to life and then give you options that will elevate your project to even higher levels.
  4. No strings, no hidden fees: This pretty much speaks for itself. Read the fine print in any agreement or product descriptions and choose a publisher who states all project fees upfront. Who needs the stress of worrying about each little thing along the way and adding up a ‘la carte fees? Not you! Look for a publisher who will work with you with no set up fees, no minimums, and allowing all items to be produced and shipped on demand or in bulk.  
  5. Comprehensive Solutions: Check if the publishers you are looking at offer free coaching on product and packaging as well as dedicated team to support you, via email or phone support. You should never be lift hanging. Check with your publisher about how progression through the publishing process will work – and that you will have access to an experienced guide who can walk you through everything from design and formatting, printing and shipping. Don’t forget to ask about comprehensive solutions ahead of time such as accdess to designers who can create artwork and packaging, edit audio files, master DVDs, and then produce and ship products. While it may be tempting to try to do it all yourself, it is worth asking about done-for-you packages that may end up saving you precious time and finances in the long run.
  6. Marketing & Sales: Once you have your product in hand, can your publisher take the extra steps to help you realize your goals by providing sales, marketing and promotional opportunities? You’ve already worked together so much – at this point it is a relief to be able to continue that relationship with someone who can help you to manage retail channels such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as format and offer ebook solutions and help ensure distribution via the largest channels available.
  7. Personal Relationships: Every step of the way you should have full access and quick response from your publisher. If you want to see how your potential publisher is with relating to their clients, go to the source, their customers. See if they have testimonials available. Reach out to those people – if they are really satisfied they will be delighted to tell you of their experiences. Referrals are the best – and truest – form of flattery. If colleagues and like-minded people have used the publisher you are looking at – and would do it again – then that’s telling you a lot.
  8. Connect with Customers to Help Your Business Grow: While we listed this last, it may indeed be the most important point you should consider. If you want to publish more books in the future, create products, and continue to grow your audience and your business, having a subscriber list is the key. Ask your publishing company how they handle sales and customer contact information, and if they provide a way for you to stay in touch with your readers and fans.

By taking a close look at these 8 essential qualities, you’ll be able to easily narrow your search for the perfect publishing partner for your big project. When it comes to all of the qualities we describe above, Vervante continues to stand out from the crowd.

Vervante has the experience, solutions, and systems to help you publish, share and sell high-quality books and printed products easily and profitably. And when it comes to supporting you as a business, and helping your bottom line grow, Vervante offers what no other publisher does - the ability to connect with your customers. Subscriber email lists are your #1 asset for business growth, so why send your customers to another site to buy? What does that mean? Well, if you sell through self-publishing companies such as CreateSpace, you’re selling directly from Amazon. And that means the people who purchase your book are essentially Amazon’s customers and you don’t have access to customer contact information.

We love Amazon, who doesn’t? But what we offer is the ability to sell your book in multiple ways, including via Amazon, with ALL customer contact information gathered for your business database. Here’s how it works:

  • SELL FROM YOUR WEBSITE – You can sell your book via a website page you create, using your own shopping cart that’s set up to send sales details our way, and we will print and ship all orders for you.
  • AMAZON SALES – We can also list your book on Amazon. When we list it for you, Amazon will send all order information to us, including customer information, and we will pass that info on to you. (Score!)

This is how using Vervante as your back-end publishing and distribution partner allows you to have the best of both worlds – your own solution where you sell the book from a site you control, collect customer contact information critical for building your business, and we handle printing and shipping. PLUS we list your book for sale on Amazon as an additional purchasing option. It’s a win-win solution: You have access to critical customer data AND your book will be available on Amazon.

We have more than 30 years of experience in the publishing industry and have worked with authors, business owners, entrepreneurs, corporations and visionaries just like you who are ready to share their brilliance and creativity. We specialize in easy, efficient and quick publishing solutions for books and products such as newsletters, CDs, DVDs, books, information products and card decks. Whether you are motivated by art, business, or life, we make it easy for you to realize your publishing dreams. For questions or help, we invite you to contact us at or schedule a phone call with one of our publishing specialists at

How to catch the attention of Amazon's PRIME audience

by Vervante •

Prime is killing it in Amazon these days. Prime memberships offer a lot of perks, including one that readers love – free shipping on books. Let’s face it, having free shipping is often the key to getting the sale, because who doesn’t love getting something for free?

As you know, our philosophy at Vervante is that you sell from your site, collect the customer data, build your list and make more money. We also understand that selling your book or product on Amazon is desirable and we recommend Amazon Marketplace. In the past, you didn’t have the option to offer free shipping on Amazon Marketplace to compete with products in stock at Amazon (or printed with CreateSpace). Products in stock, fulfilled by Amazon, or printed with CreateSpace qualify for free shipping for PRIME customers. But now, we’ve got a solution for you with the ability to offer free shipping for your products listed on Amazon Marketplace!

Here’s how it works. You can now choose to offer free shipping to the Amazon buyer.  There are three shipping regions: US, Canada and International. You can give away free shipping to all regions or limit the free shipping to just US buyers. We will charge you for postage to ship the product but you can choose to not charge the Amazon buyer. Here’s an example if you choose not to charge the Amazon US buyer for postage. For those of you who currently have products listed on Marketplace, you will notice in this example that there is no reimbursement for postage from Amazon. (*NOTE: The following numbers are examples only.)

We will then print and ship the book to the buyer and charge you for the transaction:

So in this case you would make $6.60 on this Amazon sale.  Amazon sale of $15.16 less cost to print and ship $8.56 = $6.60 profit.
You can offer free shipping but you can now also set your own shipping fees for the Amazon buyer. In the past, we didn’t have any flexibility on what the buyer was charged for shipping.   The pre-set shipping fees were:  $3.99 for US, $9.99 for Canada and $16.95 for International.  With the recent changes, you now have the flexibility to not charge for shipping or set your own shipping fees.  

Here’s another example of a book/product that weighs 4 pounds. As you can see, the prior pre-set shipping fees determined by Amazon would not come close to covering your shipping costs to Canada and International locations.

If you currently have products listed on Amazon Marketplace we suggest that you take a look at your Amazon Reconciliation Report.  This is available in your Vervante Author Account under Reports. You can see what your actual postage costs are vs. what you are reimbursed from Amazon. If the current pre-set shipping fees of $3.99 for US, $9.99 for Canada and $16.95 for International orders is covering your actual postage costs, then you probably don’t need to do anything. However, if your product or book weighs more than two pounds you may want to determine the average postage costs for each region and let us know what you’d like to charge the Amazon buyer so that postage costs aren’t dipping into your profit.

In summary, you now have the option of: 

  • offering free shipping by not charging Amazon buyers for postage
  • leaving the pre-set postage fees for the Amazon buyer as they are now
  • changing postage fees based on how much it costs to ship your book/product to each region

If you want to make changes to existing products, please let us know by emailing change requests to For questions about how we can help you set up the best sales options for your book, or if you would like a free quote, please drop us a line at Or better yet, schedule a call with one of our publishing professionals at

There are a lot of options for selling your book out there. Let us help you figure out what works best for you.

Creating custom card decks

by Vervante •

Want an easy, fun and memorable way to keep your brand, business and message at your clients’ fingertips? How about creating card decks that carry your own logo and message?

Custom-designed card decks are a fun and memorable way to present a message with impact.  Card decks can be used to make a big impression with your target audience, giving them a handy and useful gift to enjoy for months or even years, keeping your brand, business or message at their fingertips.

Card decks are a creative and highly adaptable marketing and business tool. Vervante signature card deck and note cards offer an efficient, cost-effective, secret weapon for those seeking out marketing and informational product alternatives.

Card decks have evolved well beyond traditional playing cards stamped with a company logo. Entrepreneurs, businesses and community leaders are taking advantage of the possibilities and leveraging customized card decks as:

  • Retail products
  • Motivational tools
  • Health and fitness support
  • Marketing lead generators
  • Table-top attention-getters
  • Unique gift-bag goodies
  • Complimentary bonuses for inspirational or instructional programs or products

These are just a few ideas for using card decks that feature your custom content and design. Vervante card decks are printed on full-color heavy cover weight stock, creating a beautiful and professional product that will compliment your message or intention.  

Great card decks deserve equally great presentation. There are a lot of ways you can package and present your cards, be sure to check our catalog for some inspiration. The presentation can be kicked up another notch by adding fun extras such as a small perfect-bound book, bookmarks, CDs or DVDs, stickers, or anything else that complements the theme.    

Playing-card sized themed cards are just the beginning when it comes to using custom card decks. Vervante also offers a larger-sized calendar card pack, delivered in its own clear display case for prominent desktop placement. Greeting cards, thank you notes, any card with custom content that fits your needs, can be created – and all of them will work to keep you and your message memorable.

Email if you would like more information about custom cards, card decks and other unique products and services that help businesses make a statement.